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Pet Nursing Home

Old Pets with Extensive Needs
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A nursing home for pets who are elderly or sick but not quite so that they'd be better off put to sleep. Families could come and visit them, just as in nursing homes for people.
ignorantimmigrant, Mar 12 2005


       I'd not want to send my pet here. My dog may be old but I still love him... I'll look after him until he dies. If he's too ill to be enjoying life, and there's no prospect of recovery, maybe the kindest choice would be to put him to sleep. If he's still got a decent quality of life then he deserves to stay with me. He'd be really unhappy if he was suddenly, and for no accountable reason, taken away from me and put into a totally different environment. It's a kind idea, but I think it's misguided.
david_scothern, Mar 12 2005

       Wow, some women don't even get to be treated half as good... including the euthanasia part. Can I be your next pet, David ? ;)
Pericles, Mar 12 2005

       Would they cater for my pet hermit crab?
froglet, Mar 12 2005

       Did you ever notice how dogs get so excited when it's meal time? This is because the rest of their lives suck so much. The same is true with people. People who get really excited when they eat, or who can't stop eating, are doing so because the rest of their lives suck so much. Since it is so common for dogs to get over excited when they eat, and it is so common for people to think that their dogs are happy where they are, a lot of the people are wrong about their dogs being happy. Maybe all dogs and people who get excited when they eat belong in "nursing homes" around other dogs and other people so they can replace food with social activity.
JesusHChrist, Mar 12 2005

       my assistant grazes all day long - should i shoot her?   

       <crosses fingers for a yes response>
po, Mar 12 2005

       A good idea. +
DesertFox, Mar 13 2005

       I agree with [david].Well said.
python, Mar 13 2005

       Already baked, [ignorantimmigrant]. I've known many horses who were living out their retirement on a ranch in Southern California.   

       The owner, a stewardess or wealthy businessman, sent a check every month for the care. Sometimes they get ridden by pros or passerbys, othertimes they just hang out with the other old folks and play cards.   

       I've been given one of these horses before, and had many wonderful times on Old Ben, a retired polo pony no longer spry enough for his well-to-do owner, but with plenty of trail miles left in him. I was looking at his saddle blanket in the living room tonight.   

       [normzone chokes up, sobs a little bit, drys off the keyboard]
normzone, Mar 13 2005

       The pet-nursing home could be on the same grounds as the human-nursing-home. Then the human residents could enjoy the pet residents. Maybe even care for them a little.
robinism, Mar 13 2005

       I said before and I'll say it again: This jezus guy really knows where it's at.
zeno, Mar 15 2005

       I don't know if elderly or infirm residents in their long term care facility would be so keen on providing hospice services for a slew of displaced pets, [robinism]. I don't know if I'd be so keen on supervising this service, either.   

       I might teach a class at a nursing home that involved dissection of previously euthanized animals -- owing the fact you're never too old to learn.
reensure, Mar 15 2005

       If your pet suffers some complication which requires more attention than you can offer, this is ideal.
You love your dog, but you still have to pay the bills. (Granted this would be one more.)
yabba do yabba dabba, Mar 15 2005


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