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Pet Attracting Cobweb Meccano Set

if you build it, you will gain a pet
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Build your own entanglement with the Cobweb Meccano Set. It's a kit of course, containing everything you need to build a highly realistic cobweb, complete with some of the features of full scale buildings. ie decorative turrets, external fire escapes, chimney detail.

Here's what you get:
One set of micro rods pre-drilled to receive the tiny bolts that hold them together. (invisible to the naked eye)
One powerful set of magnifying glasses.
One set of diagrams to follow, that enable a web frame to be constructed in a variety of environments. ie in a corner, along a skirting board edge, under a pipe etc.

When complete, you can install your Cobweb and simply wait. In time it will be inhabited by a passing spider, who becomes your new ultra low-maintenance pet. You can check on his/her progress at regular intervals as they customise their new home. You can also purchase extension kits and add them on when it's time to re- model.

If you get bored/tire of your new friend, you can painlessly evict him, by moving his entire house outside and leaving it there for a few days. You may even gain a new resident.

xenzag, May 06 2010


       I have several steel structures in my workshop which have served this exact function and are now home to a substantial number of spiders. The structures (or 'motorcycles') provide a plethora of hidden spaces as well as ideal web building opportunities.   

       When one of the structures is taken out for a ride, the webs are filled with as many insects as the spiders can eat.
Twizz, May 06 2010


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