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Fish food empregnated aquarium plants
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The time has come when plastic aquarium plants serve a purpose. It's quite unnatural for goldfish to come to the surface as their only means of feeding. It's also unnatural for them to always lurk the bottom of the tank as with those slow-release pelleted foods.

Plastic aquarium plants loaded with slow-release (vacation feed) pellets so that your fish get a natural, horizontal feeding angle and you get the enjoyment of viewing your fish eating in a more natural manner. These plants would ave to be replaced with a fresh plant ever week, or you could leave the empty phlant, add a fresh phlant, and the next week take out an old one add a new one so it's not such a shock to the fish.

The time-release food pellets (already available to feed your fish while on vacation) are built into the structure of the plant. Therefore there is no need for you to feed your fish everyday, requiring them to feed always at the water's surface. This allows your fish a daily supply of food in a natural horizontal position, such as they would have feeding on fry or small insect larvae living/hatching in plant material.

Why not just add real live plants to the tank? Goldfish, while they will bother and kill live plants, eat fish, not plant material. They're more likely to dig up the live plants by the roots than enjoy them. Phlants are the plant for your goldfish.

beastbunny, Oct 13 2003


       The little plastic plant has a resevoir. You put slow-release pellets in the resevoir and they dissolve. The food leaks out of the plant through the holes. After a set time you take it out and refill it.   

       Could get a little gross...It's YOUR turn to refill it.
Eugene, Oct 14 2003

       would the fish see dissolved food? I thought they enjoyed their food as little flakes.
po, Oct 14 2003

       Fish generally find food by smell (remember that thing about sharks being able to smell 1 part in a billion?).
DrCurry, Oct 14 2003

       One of the problems with those slow release holidays tab things is that the pieces that break off as the tab dissolves are too small for some fish to bother with. A lot of the tab also dissolves completely which can pollute the water in the tank (which is why they are not suitable for unfiltered goldfish bowls) as does any uneaten food left in for more than a day or so.   

       Nice idea but I don't trust those tab things.   

       I've always wanted to work out how to hook up a brine shrimp hatchery or daphnia colony to a feeding device, praps via an automatic siphon. Haven't done yet though. perhaps I should give it some thought. If anyone can work it out, feel free to nab the idea as long as I get a free sample of the finished product.
squeak, Oct 14 2003

       My goldfish often browse on my filthy plastic aquarioum plants. Examination with a microscope found these plants to be teeming with tiny worms, rotifers, mites and other critters. Presumably this was an ecosystem based on bacteria or some other consumer of fish waste. Perhaps the solution is to develop plastic plants with a surface texture conducive to the growth of such flora.
bungston, Oct 14 2003

       Yep, like that [bungston].
squeak, Oct 15 2003


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