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Sipping, supping snorkel

Have more fun underwater
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Melanerpes needs to carry his pet fish with him; whether it goes with him or he goes to it, clearly they can't dine together until Melanerpes can both breathe and eat underwater. What piscine social life is complete without eating?

For that matter, why should a Club Med hedonist, floating above the corals, roasting to the perfect pink behind, leave the water to eat? The Sipping Supping Snorkel has three outlets above the water and a tongue-operated valve that lets the user switch between them. Floating flunkies, or freindly barkeeps, pour drinks and savory nibbles down the appropriate tubes. The wearer chooses between them at will.

It may be more comfortable to connect the air-pipe to the nostrils, leaving the jaws for chewing (and air to relieve the pressure of swallowing). Something to keep martinis from going down the air-pipe would be good, too.

hello_c, May 15 2001

SHoulder perch for koi http://www.halfbake...20perch_20for_20koi
There's already a felt need. [hello_c, May 15 2001, last modified Oct 17 2004]

Peter the old wife. http://www.urbanleg...ld_wives_tales.html
Swim after you eat. Or while you eat. Just be sensible (towards the bottom of the page). Interesting comments about many old wive's tales. [globaltourniquet, May 15 2001, last modified Oct 17 2004]


       So much for not going swimming for an hour after eating.
sirrobin, May 15 2001

       Why do you think Jacques Costeau is so skinny? Insufficient food whilst snorkelling, perhaps? Hmmm? Shouldn't be a problem--plumb the air to your nostrils, a bag of liquified nutrimental material to your mouth, and when you feel peckish give the bag a squeeze. Whoops! Don't choke...
Dog Ed, May 17 2001

       Dog Ed: Jacques Cousteau is so skinny because he has been dead for four years.
sirrobin, May 17 2001

       sirrobin: RIP, good Jacques. Probably starved to death whilst snorkelling.
Dog Ed, May 17 2001

       You officially may swim right after eating. See link.
globaltourniquet, May 18 2001

       From the leather-soled heel of the ocean's killing floor, I look up and see the writhing belly of a feeding surface dweller waving its taste buds in a come hither fashion. Interesting how they appear; paws up in surrender, backs upon that cool plate. I wonder if they would see me the same. Oh, take time and reflect. I didn't get to be an old shark by rushing to a lazy meal.
reensure, May 18 2001

       It grew out of the "Shoulder perch for koi" in the same section.
jutta, May 18 2001

       Perhaps you experiencing stomach cramps as you did and exhorting all who will listen to stay way from the water after eating is similar to the way many superstitions are born: perhaps one day a man of influence began a series of unfortuante circumstances in his life right after breaking a mirror. You couldn't tell him about coincidence.....
globaltourniquet, May 18 2001

       Why, what happened when you did it?
globaltourniquet, May 18 2001

       "So, the Siberian and Laplander shamans used to feed it to their reindeer, and then the shaman would drink the reindeer's urine. That way, he would get high without getting sick. "   

       This, of course, assumes that one can drink urine without getting sick, entirely aside from any chemical enhancements.   

       Anybody ever wonder how someone discovered this?
StarChaser, May 19 2001

       Starchaser [Anybody ever wonder how someone discovered this?]: My guess is it went like this: (Winter night on the Siberian tundra, family has been sitting in the reindeer-hide hut for 20 hours straight)   

       "Pssst--Ignatoluk--you'll never guess what I put in Ataktunak's bowl of moss tea...reindeer piss!"   

       Ataktunak: "Duuuude! Pink polar bears!"
Dog Ed, May 20 2001


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