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pet lobsters

Lobsters might make good pets
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Why not visit your local fish store and pick up a pet lobster? I am sure they would live fairly comfortably in standard aquariums.

Lobsters eat fish, have cool claws and can live up to 20 years. people have pet cockroaches, lizards and snakes so why not lobsters?

blacksect, Jul 11 2002

Finger heating gloves. http://www.halfbake..._20heating_20gloves
Contains many lobster references (bizarre!). [DrBob, Jul 11 2002, last modified Oct 17 2004]

Octopus glove Octopus glove
Contains discussion of the pros and cons of keeping an Octopus as a pet. Not to mention a quote by Gerard de Nerval on the logic of having a pet lobster. [zen_tom, Aug 01 2006]


       Cut Resarf into chunks and feed it to the lobsters. I'll buy the lobsters - who wants to cut Resarf up?
thumbwax, Jul 11 2002

       Although it's an entertaining thought, it's not an original one.

It was baked by French poet Gerard de Nerval, who used to put a lead on his lobster and take it for walks around Paris.
DrBob, Jul 11 2002

       thumbwax: I am disgusted at you. How can you advocate such cruelty to inncoent lobsters ? Most of Mr. Resarf's postings indicate that if he is not actually full of sh1t, the relative proportion that substance to his total body mass is remarkably high. You will have the Society for the Protection of Marine Crustaceans after us, with a vengeance. I suggest that dogfood is an entirely acceptable alternative. As to the "cutting-into-chunks" proposal, this seems satisfactory, but I see no merit in proceeding beyond that point.
8th of 7, Jul 11 2002

       How... how... callous of me to have suggested such a thing.
The lobsters must be relieved knowing they will not be suffering from indigestion.
<All Hail>7/8</All Hail>
thumbwax, Jul 11 2002

       was bugsy bordering on the whimsical there?
po, Jul 11 2002

       thumbwax: You are forgiven. We all have lapses from time to time. I sympathise with your motives, however.   

       po: who's bugsy ? Me by any chance ? Why bugsy ?
8th of 7, Jul 11 2002

       <useless fact>Lobsters have blue blood</useless fact> at least when oxygen hits it.
dag, Jul 11 2002

       pet lobsters don't sound very fun... you can't pet them, they don't have fur.
Aurora, Jul 11 2002

       Pet lobsters sound like fun... you can pet them and you don't have to clean up the fur afterwards.
DrBob, Jul 11 2002

       Everybody gets crabs?
DrBob, Jul 11 2002

       blissmiss, I think our blood is blue and turns red when it hits the air. Doesn't yours do the sa.. Crap, maybe I landed on the wrong planet again....
dag, Jul 11 2002

       Resarf is lobster food. Rest In Pieces
thumbwax, Jul 12 2002

       Death *was* soon then.
angel, Jul 12 2002

       Dag, you may be confusing the lobster with the Horseshoe Crab, which has a copper based oxygen carrier rather than iron, like us. Incidentally, the horseshoe crab is closer to a spider than a common crab. Being able to go a year without food probably got it to last a few hundred milion years longer than most of its contemporaries, but being useful to medical testing will probably finish it off. A friend has pet yabbies in a bath in his yard (crawfish to youall).
pfperry, Jul 12 2002

       This is so baked you deserve to have a lobster in your underpants for bringing it up. Crayfish and lobsters are biologically the same thing. Now go to the pet store, buy a crayfish, and drop it in your tighty whities. Cheers!
Aphyllophorales, Apr 09 2004

       Shouldn't this be in home:pet:crustaceans ?
simonj, Jul 25 2004

       I think I'd prefer a pet octopus to a pet lobster, despite it being just a big old snail with arms. At least you can cuddle an octopus.
zen_tom, Aug 01 2006

       before you eat it.
skinflaps, Aug 01 2006

       Of course.   

       If octopi were to colonise the earth (there are reports I believe of land-going cephalopods) they might, after millennia, develop a light covering of fur over their bodies, which, I believe, would make them even more adorable.
zen_tom, Aug 01 2006

       Then, you could suspend them from your ceiling via strings of elastic and give them a little tug now and again and watch them bounce up and down.
skinflaps, Aug 01 2006

       I was imagining one come in through the 'puss flap, positioning itself over a saucer of milk and having a drink before leaping up onto my lap to be petted. Then, purring in contentment, it drifts off to sleep.   

       No elastic required! (Though admittedly, it would add to the experience)
zen_tom, Aug 01 2006

       //I think I'd prefer a pet octopus to a pet lobster, despite it being just a big old snail with arms// - Your octopus lives in a shell?
wagster, Aug 01 2006

       As a rule, snails are cuter than slugs, for sure. But yes, I meant to allude to molluscs in general, without getting embroiled in any carapace related controversy.   

       Having said that, I'm a fan of cuttlefish and nautili too. (and squids)
zen_tom, Aug 01 2006

       The whole food/pet dichotomy fascinates me. I'll invite you round for a barbecue when the dog pops his clogs.
wagster, Aug 01 2006

       //a barbecue when the dog pops his clogs//   

       Your pet dog cooks his *shoes* !?
Jinbish, Aug 01 2006

       [wags] I'm not sure about the pet/food dichotomy - the way I see it, I'd prefer not to eat something I(or anyone else for that matter) have already made friends with. Anything else, from a logical viewpoint anyway, has to be on the menu whether it woofs, miaows, chirrups, wails or engages in discourse on the nature of vegetarianism.   

       Of course, I don't think I'd want to eat another person (albeit someone I'd not already made friends with) but will cop out on grounds of taste (people tend to taste a bit yucky - apparently - except, ironically that is, for vegetarians)
zen_tom, Aug 01 2006

       [zen_tom], can you back that up with some personal experience or a link?
normzone, Aug 01 2006

       Well, he does have that 'apparently' disclaimer. Personally, I try to avoid eating anything more intelligent than the person serving it to me, hence I don't eat squid, or anything from McDonald's.
angel, Aug 01 2006

       Octopi have beaks. Cuddling up to one might be risky.
moomintroll, Aug 01 2006

       //Octopi have beaks// - WHAAAT?
wagster, Aug 01 2006

       //[zen_tom], can you back that up with some personal experience or a link?//
[norm] (un?)fortunately not - I can however, describe the logic through which I have made my deduction.

       All 'good eating' animals tend to eat a diet of either leaves, grass, vegetables, or seed. Fish and shellfish also seem to follow the same trend, only with aquatic equivalents(ish).   

       The blandness, and (i presume) relative simplicity of the diet imparts no special flavour taint to the taste of the parts of the animal enjoying that diet. Feeding a cow on flaked herring would, no doubt, impart a fishy taste into the cow. Likewise, feeding a chicken on chopped garlic, might impart a garlic taint to the chicken's meaty areas (which might not be such a bad thing perhaps).   

       However, I for example, am just finishing off my first cup of coffee of the day, and am reminding myself of the lamb vindaloo, chicken club sandwich (with extra jalapenos), scrambled eggs with smoked salmon and chives, the countless pints of beer, lager, wine, tea and coffee, not to mention more than a couple of cigarettes, all of which are (not so) highlighted excepts from my consumption over the last two weeks.   

       All of that is bound to impart some 'complex' flavours upon my person. In other words, I believe I would taste pretty rank.   

       Were I to alter my lifestyle radically, and limit myself to a more humble diet of fragrant rice and green tea, I believe, over time, I might become a great deal more palatable.
zen_tom, Aug 02 2006

       you ARE what you eat!   

       I've read that the palms of a human are quite tasty but then I've just cleared up after the cat in disinfectant...
po, Aug 02 2006

       <quickly bins recipie for "Zen_tom à la Greque with braised fennel">
wagster, Aug 02 2006

       //It was baked by French poet Gerard de Nerval//   

       I thought you boiled lobsters ? ;-)
monojohnny, Aug 02 2006


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