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Phone Booth Bidding Service

For those "Come on man I'm in a huge hurry" moments...
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Isn’t it frustrating when you need to make that ‘one’
important call and all the phone-booths are taken?
You patiently wait and the person on the phone cant
stop talking about their new hairdo, watch or
whatever else. Damn if only they knew how urgent
this call was for me. But no. They never seem to
care (George from seinfeld dedicated an episode on
this frustrating experience). But that could change
with the bid phone. For every line of payphones one
is designated a bid phone. Where the one who bids
highest gets to use the service.

How it works is this there is a LCD display that shows how much the
person using the booth has paid for this call (it could
be that the person had already outbid someone else
and so the number will be high). If you are really in a
hurry you can outbid him and he/she will hear a
message saying how many minutes he/she has left in
the current call (or maybe there could be just a
display on the phone that shows this). The higher you
bid the more the time is shaved off from the other
persons call. If the person on the phone wants to
outbid you again he/she just drops in the bid amount
and continues talking. If they fail to do that then
after the designated time his phone disconnects and
you get to make your call. Once you get to the phone
you cannot connect unless you have paid the amount
you bid.

Prepare for a few very ugly stares.

nomadic_wonderer, Feb 17 2004


       I'll give you $1 USD to insert paragraph breaks in that.
normzone, Feb 17 2004

       [normzone] It's been done. Now my money. I knew you'd chicken out.
nomadic_wonderer, Feb 17 2004

       Are there still such things as pay phones?
waugsqueke, Feb 17 2004

       [waugsqueke] I think i see them every now and then
nomadic_wonderer, Feb 17 2004

       Email me and let me know where you want the money sent to.
normzone, Feb 18 2004

       Get a cell phone.
k_sra, Feb 18 2004

       Somehow, this is still better than working.
yabba do yabba dabba, Feb 18 2004

       The layout on the idea text is broken. Don't put <br> between lines, just leave an empty lines between paragraphs.   

       (Not all browsers display the idea paragraph in the same font, or with the same number of characters on each line.)
jutta, Sep 05 2006


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