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Pokie Phone

Insert coin here...
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A fairly standard large telephone, including the usual multiple of numbered buttons, large lcd display uptop which displays the inbound outbound caller recognition.

Whilst on hold listening endlessly to the toons being provided by the other end, slip a coin into the slot on top of the phone and pull the small knobbed handle on the side towards you.

The large window display now turns into a fruit/slot machine with various fruits and shapes spinning round and round on animated reels.Small coloured lights blink and {{strobe}} around the numbered buttons on the front of the phone creating a hold and nudge system, hit redial for a re spin, disconnect pokie feature to normal phone, hit star etc.

Now go for the jackpot trying to win your lunch money which with any luck, will clatter out of the tray at the bottom.

Doubles up as a money box.

skinflaps, Jul 06 2004


       Poker, the Machines in Oz are Pokies.
skinflaps, Jul 06 2004

       Oh no, no more Pokies please. I would have made a better use of my money those six months I studied in Melbourne if those little buggers had not existed.   

       My mom would have been happy if they had been available while I was away; I would have called home more often ;)
Pericles, Jul 06 2004

       I agree [Pericles] atleast you get your money back with the telephone.
skinflaps, Jul 06 2004

       Not when you call overseas!
Pericles, Jul 06 2004


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