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Twister Phone Dial Pad

A giant floor mat keypad with brightly coloured buttons
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Sedentary office work and lack of exercise contribute to poor health, both mental and physical.

So rather than sitting at your desk (or perhaps in a meeting room) to dial in to a call, use this floor mat, incorporating pressure-sensitive buttons. A spinny-thing (like the actual twister game) tells you which hand/foot to dial the next digit.

For meeting rooms, a team effort might be more fun.

Frankx, Nov 01 2019


       // might be more fun. //   

       ... and render you liable to an accusation of sexual misconduct, or worse get you an invitation to share the sales manager's new jacuzzi ...
8th of 7, Nov 01 2019

       Aye, maybe. But then you might equally have the entertainment of seeing said sales manager put his back out and accidentally dial “Misogynist Bigots Anonymous” with his buttocks.
Frankx, Nov 01 2019

       [Frankx] I like your mind if you got this idea from [8th]'s CHP idea. Colourful reactions, movement of linear acceleration etc. It's a stretch to say the least.
wjt, Nov 02 2019

       Sweet...I work at a desk and do very little all day. (Job requirements for HB seal of excellence!).   

       I need more stimulation and physical movement during the day. Break dancing to Broadway soundtracks doesn't count. This would pick up the slack. Yay. Big, fat, funky flaky croissant to you, sir.
blissmiss, Nov 02 2019

       Eight six seven five three oh nine.   

       Hi Blissy!
whatrock, Nov 02 2019

       Ahoy there, stranger.
blissmiss, Nov 03 2019


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