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Wet Willy Phone!!

ahyuk hyuk hyuk!
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(+4, -2)
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This prank product is a phone that incorporates a wet-noodle- device in the earpiece. Activated remotely, this office prank is perfect for a good laugh (not to mention swimmers ear).

Once activated, a wet-noodle will shoot out, with a squirt of water, into the user's ear. The noodle will need to be small enough to fit through the holes in the handset, but once out, it can be inflated to a large size. The inflating action will also drive the wet noodle into the ear.

The mouth piece is another option, but beside a wet noodle, hairy spider legs can protrude onto the user's lips. holy heebeegeebees! gives me the creeps already!

twitch, Nov 23 2010


       I got an electric shock from a phone earpiece once and that wasn't funny either.
po, Nov 24 2010

       I don't know po, I'd be cracking up at anybody who gets shocked, if they're not on the ground dead or convulsing.
twitch, Nov 27 2010

       that earned you a -1
po, Nov 27 2010

       well at least i earned it.
twitch, Nov 28 2010

twitch, Nov 28 2010

       Product: Phone: Game: Evil
I have to (+) this. It made me laugh.

       I think this would be an outstanding idea not to implement.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 28 2010

       so you mean it fits right at home here in the HB?
twitch, Nov 28 2010

MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 28 2010

twitch, Nov 29 2010


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