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Rolling Rampwalks

Skate tracks, sort of.
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Everybody who is going to use this conveyance gets these sort of roller skates with wheels that go sideways instead of forwards that fit over their shoes.

Now we make a track with grooves in it that the wheels of these things fit into. There is also a ridge on these tracks that pushes up on a wheel in the center of the bottom of these skates. This deactivates the brakes of the skates. These brakes also have a centrifugal speed detection system, so the wheels are locked when you're trying to walk but when you're slowing down they brake at a reasonable rate.

Now, we angle this track so that a person with skates standing on it would roll down it sideways, and we place another angled track down and to one side. As the person rolls towards the bottom of the track they're on. they simply step up onto the other track. Lots of these constitute the path the traveller follows. Using it would be like climbing stairs.

What about people colliding? Well, we can either have a passing lane or a centrifugal system can check if the user's speed is higher than the speed on the current track, as indicated by the ridge on the track, and brake if it is.

What about getting on and intersections? Glad you asked. The tracks are paired like roads, the two of the pair going in opposite directions. At intersections, one of the pairs goes up steeply to a raised platform, with the platform height being according to the standard speed on those tracks. This platform is accessible by stairs to enter the track system if it's busy; if it's not busy, you can just walk onto it and start rolling. On the platform, the two tracks of the pair that goes up pull apart and let you either go straight, make a right turn, or make a U-turn. To make a left turn, make a U-turn and then turn right. Everybody has slowed to a walking pace on the raised platform, so you can just walk onto the track.

bdh, Jul 12 2005


       I know I would feel much less stable roller skating sideways than forwards.
DrCurry, Jul 12 2005

       Wimp. :-P
bdh, Jul 12 2005


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