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Photon Torpedo

The renowned sticky tape makes x rays effect is applied to two vacuum packed frisbees that are rapidly seperable When you fling it at a tank the 10,000 Watt x ray pulse destroys the electronics; the people might live
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Science magazine recently featured the effect that a roll of sticky tape generates x rays when detached at a vacuum

The article noted 100 mW from about a 1mm deep 30mm wide sticky tape thus just ten times that area generates a watt

Two sheets of office paper covered with sticky tape goop then rapidly separated at a vacuum produce near 254 times 200 around 5,000 watts

take two frisbees made from metal or graphite coat with sticky tape goo Then put just a little plastic explosive or possibly even a cartidge between the sides ):) goes to )<<<boom>>>) on contact with a tank

aim the frisbee at the preferred part of the tank

I think 10,000 Watts of high energy photons near the tanks electronics will errorify and or wipe them out This is like an EMP effect yet different as inches or feet of metal shielding is penetrable

fortunately for the humans the dose may be survivable I have also read that a variant of melatonin with a big hydrocarbon group on it gives mammals seven times the usual radiation resistance

anyway ten dollar photon torpedo takes out multimillion dollar tank

beanangel, Jan 14 2009

X-Ray Laser http://en.wikipedia...tiative#X-ray_laser
US gov't researched (and continues to research) x-ray based weapons [Spacecoyote, Jan 15 2009]

The Sticky-Tape X-Ray Machine http://www.youtube....watch?v=FGzRvYU0e3Q
[ldischler, Jan 15 2009]


       you could make a nifty kind of meringue with deformable plastic vacuum beads with stickytape goo plus a contact explosive that changes their shape   

       It would be kind of like EMP putty you could toss on things
beanangel, Jan 14 2009

       254 * 200 = 50,800, though I may not be following your calculation.   

       What kind of tank in a vacuum?
phoenix, Jan 15 2009

       Special purpose vacuum tubes are what's normally used to make x-rays. They're a lot more efficient than sticky tape.
Spacecoyote, Jan 15 2009

       It seems I've bunned this at some point in the past, even though I have no memory of having read it before.   

       It also seems that the explosive would ruin the vacuum by filling it with hot gases.
notexactly, Apr 24 2019


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