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Pickpocket Club

challenge each other to simulated theft
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A group of club members agree to be involved in a simulated pickpocketing game in which everyone is given a bright blue wallet or purse, and a bright blue watch.

Members can sign up as pickers, as victims, or both. The game lasts for 1 week. The challenge for pickers is to procure as many wallets/watches/purses throughout the week as possible (only from other active participants). The challenge for victims is to avoid having your wallet or purse, or watch stolen.

Because this simulated event takes place over a week, members must be aware at all times that they are in fair play. This is part of the fun; essentially playing the game while you're at work, in the park, at lunch, etc.

The game may be made more adventurous by members being unknown and unseen to each other before the game begins. This is where the bright blue wallets/purses/watches come in handy; they visibly delineate between game theft and real theft. In this case, participants may need to wear bright blue lapel pins or some other identifier of simulation participants.

napoleonbag, Jul 02 2008


       ...or just a stick to beat pickpockets with.
napoleonbag, Jul 02 2008

       ... when you lose a wallet, you lose identification, travel capability, keys, all kinds of things.   

       It would be a pretty hardcore game.   

       Although it's one you play every day on the Tube, except it's so hardcore, you never get your wallet back.   

       Stealing bright blue wallets is a bad idea as well because innocent non-participators have all kinds of ugly accessories (again, I point towards London)   

       I think you'd have to make a rule that the wallet would have to be returned immediately, otherwise the fellow gamer has slipped outside the rules of the game, and civil life, and can then be beaten to a pulp.
mylodon, Jul 02 2008

       I agree with mylodon's final point. In fact, the participants should be split into three groups. Victim, Pickpocket and Vigilante. The latter armed with bright blue cudgels. The Vigilantes score points for battering the Pickpockets but lose points for battering the Victims.
DrBob, Jul 02 2008

       Well you guys are no fun. :(   

       Who says there has to be anything in the wallets?
napoleonbag, Jul 02 2008

       Only steal fake wallets, required anything else be returned, chili pepper spray those who don't follow the rules? [+]
daseva, Jul 02 2008

       [DrBob] In fact they could use bright blue Pickpocket Clubs.
mylodon, Jul 02 2008

       Two flaws I see: One, we'd have to carry two wallets, wear two watches, etc. Two, if someone sees you picking another player's pocket, it could be difficult to explain to them that it's just a game.
Bukkakinator, Jul 03 2008

       1) If carrying a second wallet is too inconvenient, this probably is not for you.   

       2) Why worry so much what others think?
napoleonbag, Jul 03 2008

       Reminds me of the large, red throw wallet I carried in Chicago. Stuffed with newspaper and 3 - $1 bills. Get mugged and throw the wallet to them and run the other way. No I.D. or credit catds and they get $3 for their efforts and you live to face death in the big city another day. [+]
Klaatu, Jul 03 2008

       That's a cool idea, Klaatu. Did you ever get to use it?
mylodon, Jul 03 2008

       Very cool idea, I'd certainly join. The only problem seems to be what the [Bukkakinator] mentions; what if some public-minded citizen noticed the 'theft' and felt compelled to give chase and apprehend the successful pickpocketeer?
dbmag9, Jul 03 2008


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