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Speed Enforced Slow Race

Slowest Person Wins
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This game is inspired by playing with my daughter. We were playing the slow race. It was kind fun in it's own way, but it needs technology. There would be a rule, that prevents you breaking a certain speed limit. You move fast slowly in order to win, but if you break a speed limit you are forced to start from the beginning. A speed measuring device would measure the speed of the participants to determine whether or not they are breaking the speed limit. Measurements would be taken 10x per second at amateur events and 10,000x per second at professional events.

Moving slowly at extremely rapid race is quite challenging as it requires tremendous degree of co-ordination and concentration. An event like this would be amazing to watch at the Olympics. Imagine the athleticism required to stay within the speed limit as you are millimeters ahead of your opponent about to win the gold medal for your country for the first time ever. The adrenalin from the wild crowd screaming "Go! Ixnaum Go!" motivating you to sprint ahead the last few millimeters would be unbearable.

ixnaum, Jan 01 2016


       I don't get it. Guess I'm just too slow. Is there a video?
popbottle, Jan 01 2016

       A race from point A to point B. Whoever gets to point B wins. If you move faster than 5 mm/second you have to go back to point A.
ixnaum, Jan 01 2016

       // An event like this would be amazing to watch at the Olympics.   

       .... I'm thinking no. The games are tedious enough without the addition of a group of people hardly moving. Reminds me of the beginning of cycle sprints where they try to stand the bikes perfectly still. Zzzz..
tatterdemalion, Jan 01 2016

       ... well doesn't have to be 5 mm/second. Could be 50 cm/second or anything else. The only requirement is that there is a top speed limit. The point is that you can't just go "full out". Maybe kind of like speed walking but much more easily and more fairly judged.
ixnaum, Jan 01 2016

       I suggest changing the speed limit several times during the race, to add an adaptation element to the competition.
notexactly, Jan 03 2016


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