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Pen fencing

Could be good for deciding office disputes ( Ok I admit that the first version of this game was pretty tasteless so I've resubmitted it because I thought that in all it was an alright idea but if you still dont like it you know what to do.)
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At school part of our uniform was a black blazer, we would get peices of chalk and try and draw stuff on each others backs without the other guy realising. Pen fencing is a variation of this game.

In Pen fencing there is a circle and two participants who stand in the circle, one red one blue (marker colours) both particpants wear longsleave white shirts white pants and a white balaclava, there is a time limit of 5 minutes and the object is to "mark" the other person, there is a referee and it it non contact aside from the marker tip.

The markers used come in many styles and each style can be chosen by the competitors, short markers, long markers, whiteboard, permanent, paintpens, choose the style that best reflects your fencing style

Scoring goes like this, 1 point for a dot, 2 points for a line, 5 points for a basic shape, circle, triangle ect, and 10 points for croissant (a cresent shape), and 15 points for anything more like writing your name or painting the mona lisa ect, if your opponent is slow enough to let you do this then they should probably quit while they are behind.

Gulherme, Oct 29 2002


       One word bruv.....PLAYSTATION
briandamage, Oct 30 2002

       Or you could just take up conventional fencing (but this incarnation is infinitely preferable to the original - so I won't bone it).
madradish, Oct 30 2002

       Actually I liked both, Gulherme. I'm sorry you were snubbed last time for your (literal) endorsement of an ancient fertility symbol. I recognise drawing dicks on people to be an important stage in the pupation of a satirist.
General Washington, Oct 30 2002

       I've drunk faaaaaarrrrrrr too much coffee this afternoon, so this sounds like a great idea.   

       Come and have a go if you think you're hard enough.
Mayfly, Oct 30 2002


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