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Pigeon harassment drones

Drones to chase aWay pigeons as needed
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teslaberry, Aug 07 2016

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       YESSSSS !   

       Undiluted genius. [+]   

       Could there be armed drones to kill the pigeons, then dump the corpses on a bonfire ?
8th of 7, Aug 07 2016


       With a little solar might they remain on daily patrol for, like, forever? [+]
whatrock, Aug 07 2016

       Well, we're pretty sure that this is one thing Nichola didn't invent.   

       But the French did invent that big steel aircraft carrier to launch them from. And placed it in a pretty good area for raining dead pigeons on the populace.
lurch, Aug 07 2016

       //But the French...for raining dead pigeons on the populace.//   

       Fechez la vache! Et les pigeons aussi!
TomP, Aug 09 2016

       <Sir Bedevere>   

       "Look, if we were to build a large wooden badger..."   

       </Sir Bedevere>
8th of 7, Aug 09 2016

       I dunno, pigeoms seem to have self-harrasment built it, so gilding the lily.
not_morrison_rm, Aug 09 2016

       [2fries] hahaha.
po, Aug 10 2016

       what [po] said
pertinax, Aug 14 2016


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