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Pigskin Jersey

Yeehaw. Fooootball.
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In all seriousness, not enough technology is put into sports uniforms. A team is willing to spend $100 million on a quarterback. The coaches use all sorts of supercomputers to analyze the opposing teams playcalling. What about the equipment??

Oiled pigs are slippery. Country Folk have contests trying to catch them. Many of these Country Folk end up covered in mud. If I outfit my halfback in a jersey made of pigskin and then oil him up, your team will be left behind covered in mud. Right?

Gusbus, Sep 15 2005

(?) Football shirts http://www.azom.com...ils.asp?newsID=1590
Not enough technology? Are you sure? [fridge duck, Sep 15 2005]


       I don't know about (American) football, but rugby players get pretty damn muddy as it is.
DrCurry, Sep 15 2005

       Maybe there are rules against it? (or maybe it's assumed that once one team did it to win a game rules would be introduced to stop the slipperiness arms race)
ixnaum, Sep 15 2005

       I'm only a football novice, but yes, it's illegal to oil yourself up in football.
normzone, Sep 15 2005

       If it isn't currently illegal it would become illegal eventually. But, the point is that teams should be working for an extra edge in this realm. Maybe some of you will remember stick-um? I've also heard of a story from the early 1900's where one of the teams sewed a piece of material shaped like a football to the front of the jersey of all of theirs players making it extremely difficult to see who was actually carrying the ball. This idea is absolutely brilliant. Yes, rules were made to outlaw this sort of thing... after the game. So perhaps a team could implement its new Pigskin Jersey technology for an important game. Cheating, dirty, weasely? I don't know.
Gusbus, Sep 16 2005

       You certainly could not do it the NFL. There are very strict rules on uniforms. Players have been fined $5,000 for not wearing their socks properly.
sleeka, Sep 17 2005


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