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Ref's Darth Vader Helmet

Helmet equiped with recording/replay electronics
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...A whistle blows and Darth Vader stands silently with a hand raised for a few seconds. The crowd and players await in mounting anticipation.
Darth Vader lowers his upraised hand an speaks:
"Skhhhr The ball went Skhhhr out of bounds Skhhhr. Blue teams' ball Skhhhr." And dramatically points to his left.

A player in a white uniform shouts "Come on! are you blind?!"
Darth Vader steps up to the player. "Skhhr .. I find your lack of faith Skhhr .. disturbing. Skhhr. Perhaps I should change the deal Skhhr to include a technical foul?"
The formerly outraged player steps back, aghast. "No. no need to do that, sir."

The player knew that these new helmets contained a record and replay tech that allowed for the review of wherever the ref was looking for the last 2 min's. There was also a rumour that they contained a transparent graphic display nearly as complex as a helecoptor pilot's giving access to fouls on players, time left, and who knows what else.

Zimmy, Mar 10 2006


       //The formally outraged player steps back, aghast.//   

       Perhaps you mean formerly? [+]
DesertFox, Mar 10 2006

       In an ironic twist, [Zimmy] you have stepped out of the darkness and into the light.
Jinbish, Mar 11 2006

       "Indeed you are powerful as the goalkeeper has foreseen" "He will retreat ten yards or die"
Mr Phase, Mar 11 2006

       Bun, especially for the image it conjures of the stadium organist playing the Imperial March every time there's a contentious decision.
friendlyfire, Mar 12 2006

       The Umpirer's a bum.   

       See 3, [po]?
Ling, Mar 13 2006

       Isn't this just asking for team captains to dress up as Obi-Wan? (wait - I'm saying that like it would be a bad thing)

"The power to red card me is insignificant compared with the power of the Force. If you send me off I shall come back more powerful than you can possibly imagine"
hippo, Mar 13 2006

       Thanks all. & [DesertFox]. I changed my misspelling.
Zimmy, Mar 14 2006

       "Your attempt to draw a foul was as clumsy as you are stupid." [+]
DocBrown, Mar 14 2006

       The Umpire Strikes Back.   


egbert, Mar 14 2006


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