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Finally, An Answer to the Age Old Question, "...Is Nothing Sacred?..." -- Well, No; No, It's Not.
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EDITED: See Late Breaking Development(s) Below.

Background: After getting thoroughly trounced in the 11th Annual Occasionally Biennial International Invitational Non Denominational Quasi Confrontational Golfin Guy and Golfin Gal Tourney of Mini Putt Putt Champeens Death Match (AOBIINDQCGGAGGTOMPPCDM), the female members comprising the opposite team demanded a rematch, suggesting that the guys on our team somehow cheated [edit: more effectively than they did], completely overlooking the fact that they were both wearing sparkly shirts thereby attempting to gain advantage by blinding the guys with the sun reflecting off said shirts.

After three months of near constant protest, claims, and counter claims citing numerous grievous offenses, I finally (graciously) offered to participate in said rematch, only to be pommeled by the fact that one of the ladies is now pregnant, and a spring rematch will ensure that she will not be able to see past her belly to putt. It was at that very moment that the ladies (Kelly and Sara) came up with the following idea, which I faithfully transcribe here and now:

The Prego-Putter looks like a regular putter, except that the shank resembles a large letter "C" that neatly avoids a large belly and allows a smooth swing. Near the top of the handle, there is an LCD video screen showing the golf ball that said pregnant person utterly fails to see at her feet.

To quote Han Solo, "...I got a BAD FEELING about this..."

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Late Breaking Development:

The aforementioned Pregnant Putt-Putt Girl now reports that the Prego-Putter is fine and indeed works as advertized; however, her ever-expanding belly now presents a new problem... It is very difficult to lean over and pick her golf ball off the ground!

The engineers at GROGco, recognizing the opportunity for a little gratuitous and shameless self promotion, have designed a handy-dandy back pack vacuum and putter conveyor belt attachment to pick up the ball and deliver it into the sweaty palms of said prego. This convenient attachment weighs only 30 pounds and is easily attached to the Prego-Putter with just a few common tools (plasma cutter, chicken wire, lug nut wrench, baling twine, Bondo, etc.)

Hearing Protection Recommended.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Even Later Breaking Development:

After spending a long night getting pommeled by their spouses, the GROGco engineering staff limped into the laboratory and scrapped the conveyor attachment. After comparing their collective notes from an unpleasant evening, it was clear the most charitable spousal assessment was "...you incompetent boob..."

In a desperate attempt to save whatever dignity they had, they did hang on to the vacuum backpack idea and went with Plan B, a bank-style vacuum tube golf ball delivery system.

Please refer to Han Solo quote, above.

Grogster, Feb 08 2013

Can't seem to find me feet http://farm3.static...80917d4a_z.jpg?zz=1
[Klaatu, Feb 08 2013]

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[Grogster, May 02 2013]


       ...and, not just for women. <link>
Klaatu, Feb 08 2013

       <link> Yikes!
<idea> [+]
xandram, Feb 08 2013

       <link> GROSS. Klaatu, why you do that to me this early in the day...Ha. This person needs a capital "C" club.
blissmiss, Feb 08 2013

       Excellent, [Klaatu]! My depressingly tiny niche target market just grew by orders of magnitude!
Grogster, Feb 08 2013

       The ascites market will get pwned. Of course, if it is concurrent with hepatic encephalopathy, then it might cut into your business plan a bit. Esophageal varices would be the death knell for sure.
Klaatu, Feb 09 2013


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