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Pimp my Pasta

Plate size pasta pieces
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Fookin' large Fettucini, super-size Spaghetti, mind-blowing Macaroni - Pimp my pasta shop has 'em all.

Instead of a plate of hundreds of small pieces of pasta, we sell plate size pasta pieces each big enough for a single meal. Cover in sauce, carve like a joint of meat.

jonthegeologist, Nov 10 2008

Further pimping http://www.halfbake...2pimp+my%22&ok=+OK+
Half-pimping, if you will. [theleopard, Nov 10 2008]

Pimp That Snack http://www.pimpthatsnack.com/projects.php
Was "Pimp My Snack" until Tim Westwood and his boyees got dicey with the IP. Mother friggers! [theleopard, Nov 10 2008]

Fractal_20Pasta [hippo, Nov 10 2008]

Menger sponge http://en.wikipedia.../wiki/Menger_sponge
[hippo, Nov 10 2008]

One-schluck Spaghetti One-shluck_20Spaghetti
I never expanded this to cover all the various pastaforms. [wagster, Nov 11 2008]


       Ha! - how do you test that they're cooked?
zen_tom, Nov 10 2008

       Throw against (reinforced) ceilings.
jonthegeologist, Nov 10 2008

       The problem with pasta is that it doesn't taste like anything. So once you cross a certain thickness, you get a negative return on investment. It only needs to be thick enough to hold the sauce and cheese. That is why everyone is there. The sauce. The cheese.   

       Nobody wants to eat a 4" thick piece of pasta. It just isn't tasty.
mylodon, Nov 10 2008

       //So once you cross a certain thickness//
In which case, perhaps keep the same overall form but, to allow for maximum boiling water seepage, construct the gigantic conchiglie (or whatevs) from fine lattice structure.

       Retaining the Westwoodian nomenclature proposed would I suspect run against the manner in which the product would in all probability be, ahem, pimped: the marketing would likely seek appeal to the proles by imbuing the product with a vaguely aristocratic tinge: the rich never going hungry, large pasta roasts enjoyed on mahogany tables in large Itallianate dining rooms, these rooms lit by roaring fires, the smoke drawn up ornate flues u.s.w., such that the product would be named "Duchy Pasta".
calum, Nov 10 2008

       Massive chunks of pasta would be fine as long as they had a fractal structure (see link to earlier idea) such as that of a Menger Sponge (see link), which would maximise surface area available for sauce adhesion.
hippo, Nov 10 2008

       I'd like to see the pastry cutter that does fractals.
Jinbish, Nov 10 2008

       //I'd like to see the pastry cutter that does fractals.// It would be cool, but would have to be some kind of nano-pastry cutter - or alternatively, yeast. I do like the look of that Mengersponge-as-pasta idea - it would certainly have the potential of holding lots of sauce (if, presumably, a bugger to drain) but the problem with infinitely holey pasta has to be the overall texture - eughhh, it would be like eating soggy bread.
zen_tom, Nov 10 2008

       maybe this needs some *bling-bling* sauce...
xandram, Nov 10 2008

       mmm crunchy on the inside and soggy on the outside

       //as long as they had a fractal structure// (h)mmmm.
FlyingToaster, Nov 10 2008


       "It's loaf, Jim, but not as we know it"   

8th of 7, Nov 10 2008

       Yay, wire coat hanger ceiling pasta mobile.   

       (For the left overs.)
skinflaps, Nov 10 2008

       //Nobody wants to eat a 4" thick piece of pasta. It just isn't tasty.// Yes! and thats why no one buys tofu.
Voice, Nov 11 2008

       //I believe that is known as bread.//

Close, but bread is topologically quite different from a Menger Sponge. In a 3-dimensional fractal structure such as a Menger Sponge (in fact it's slightly less than 3-Dimensional - about 2.8-dimensional if I remember correctly, but anyway...) there is a single surface - so, all solid parts are linked and all non-solid parts (the voids between the solid bits) are linked too. In the case of bread (which is more like a 'froth' than a 'sponge'), all the solid bits are linked, but the voids are not - they exist as a large number of discrete bubbles of gas in the dough matrix.
hippo, Nov 11 2008

       Ahh, the eternal sponge vs froth question. While sponge is attractive in its infinite permeability, froth (or foam) has a distributed ruggedness that is hard to fault.
zen_tom, Nov 11 2008

       // and thats why no one buys tofu //   

       People buy tofu because they want to eat savory custard. That's different.
mylodon, Nov 11 2008

       //The problem with pasta is that it doesn't taste like anything. //   

       You gotta make fresh pasta. yum.
nomocrow, Nov 11 2008

       Size isn't everything .....
8th of 7, Nov 12 2008

       what if you could stuff the center of the pasta with cheese? Like one big long tube of pasta with a cheesey center... mmm
Bakin_News, Nov 12 2008

       I buy tofu and I eat it, too.
xandram, Nov 13 2008

       //perhaps keep the same overall form//   

       You mean, 2 arms & 2 legs sort of thing ?
pjd, Nov 13 2008

       Fill the Channel Tunnel with a mixture of minced beef, tomato, and onion, seasoned with basil and oregano ?
8th of 7, Nov 13 2008

       the Channeloni Tunnel?
jonthegeologist, Nov 14 2008

       oh man i could go for a Ravioli 12 inches on a side, one square foot of ravioli!   

       cheese/meat filling about 4 inches thich and toasted in the oven with cheese and sauce on top!   

       sounds a little like lasgana doesnt it?
Arcanus, Nov 14 2008


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