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Pot Luck

Just add water
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Unsure about what category this should be in -- I was going for a Pot Noodle rip-off.

Perhaps involving the genetic modification of basil leaves to appear as four-leaved clovers, this instant meal guarantees good fortune along with great* taste.

Best of all is the free gift, akin to a fortune cookie. The random lucky charm you receive should give you an accurate estimate to the amount of luck you'll experience today. What'll it be? A keyring horseshoe? Or a rubber black cat?

*Ingredients are picked at random - the taste is pretty much pot luck.

mitxela, Oct 29 2008

Random Recipe generator http://www.jamesoff...un/recipe/index.php
Baked White Wine, Battered Cod Liver Oil [normzone, Oct 29 2008]

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[Spacecoyote, Oct 29 2008]

Four-leaf clover (wikipedia) http://en.wikipedia...ki/Four-leaf_clover
"a secret, genetically-engineered ingredient to the plants to encourage the aberration" Applying that to basil is questionable, but not magic. [mitxela, Oct 29 2008]


       [marked-for-deletion] Magic.
Spacecoyote, Oct 29 2008

       Oh, come on - how exactly does this qualify as magic?   

       First of all, the idea came to me after last week someone gave me a "four leaf clover plant" which is, indeed, a genetically modified plant which looks like a clover. It definitely isn't a real clover, it's grown slightly differently. Even if four-leaved basil isn't possible, four-leaved clover shapes could be made out of an edible material, for effect.   

       Second, as I say, this is similar to a fortune cookie. It's a novelty. It doesn't genuinely give you luck. It's confectionery, but is prepared in a way to similar to pot noodle for the sake of the name.   

       It's possible but pointless - isn't that the point?
mitxela, Oct 29 2008

       Your right. it's not magic it's pointless.
theGem, Oct 29 2008

       What's the actaul invention? Reading the idea, I have an apology, a condiment, and an add-on; but what are they added to?   

       Going by the footnote and the category, this is a noodle dish with ingredients picked at random from a set?
jutta, Oct 29 2008

       Not really. This is a noodle dish with four leaf clover shapes in it, a free luck-orientated gift and a name which I thought was funny at the time.   

       [theGem], the product is meant to be pointless, but entertaining.   

       Eating four leaf clovers sounded like a fun snack to me, but if not to anyone else, go ahead, delete it.
mitxela, Oct 29 2008

       I think it just needs to be reworded... I'm sure there is a half-decent idea in this. Stop explaining it in annotations [mitxela] If it needs this much explaining, just do a re-write and post it again. Consolation croissant +
xenzag, Oct 29 2008

       If you add wine to it rather then water it would be more entertaining. What wine goes with genetically engineered four leaf clovers anyway. Maybe a Viognier.
theGem, Oct 29 2008

       //how exactly does this qualify as magic?//   

       Can you explain this bit some more:   

       //The random lucky charm you receive should give you an accurate estimate to the amount of luck you'll experience today.//
Wrongfellow, Oct 30 2008

       I can't figure out *how/who* picks the ingredients at random? Is the free gift in the bowl? If it is *instant* it would come in a package, no? I just don't get it, magic or not.
xandram, Oct 30 2008

       just change the title to "pot lucky" or "Bhramen Ramen" or "Four Leaf Basil" or something. You could simply use four leaf clover as an ingredient as clover is edible and has very little flavor once dried anyway. yawn.
WcW, Oct 30 2008


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