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Random Ravioli

The ravioli just filled with surprises
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If you’re bored with eating the traditional meat or cheese Ravioli you need to spice up your life and try Random Ravioli. Place them in boiling water they will sink to the bottom, when they float to the top they’re done. Add a tasty marinara or cream sauce and they’re ready to eat. Now bite into one and surprise, it could be anything, chicken, veal, troll, Yak, truffles, toadstools, frog ottomans, anything. The fillings are put in at random in our kitchen in Hell’s Kitchen. We don’t even know what’s in them.

To enhance the flavor sprinkle on some Random Romano Cheese, the cheese that’s made from the milk of bewildered beasts.

theGem, Oct 30 2008

70 kinds of ravioli-- no peanut butter and anchovie?? http://www.vendaravioli.com/?ACT=INFO
[xandram, Oct 30 2008]


       ima bun it but that's pretty reminiscent of those jelly beans in "Harry Potter".
FlyingToaster, Oct 30 2008

       I like the way that Yak is capitalised. No wait, I'm actually appalled by it.
Texticle, Oct 30 2008

       Is a //frog ottoman// a delicately wrought footstool, padded and bound in the finest frogskin, both silky to the touch, and horribly, horribly wrong.
zen_tom, Oct 30 2008

       If octopi is to octopus, does that mean that if you have just one, it's a raviolus?
zen_tom, Oct 30 2008

       Butternut squash ravioli with sage brown butter pecan sauce is a nice alternative.
nomocrow, Oct 30 2008

       // sp. Ravioli. It’s already plural // [UB]   

       Thanks for the spelling correction UB, I might have been overheard in the wrong Italian restaurant and had Vito giving me a lesson in Italian plurals. “Punzone, one punch” - bam, “Punzoni, punches” – bam, bam, bam …   

       // I like the way that Yak is capitalised. // [Texticle]   

       This is actually the leader of the yak, he was one of the bewildered beasts that we rounded up to make the Random Romano Cheese (or is that Romani)
theGem, Oct 30 2008


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