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Snuggle Belt

A continually adjusting belt that modifies its tightness while it is being worn. With adjustable snuggle settings.
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Keeps pants from riding up while sitting or becoming uncomfortable after a big meal.
uniball2, Dec 07 2001


       Elastic only goes so far and it tends to hurt the skin. Plus, pants with elastic waistbands are kind of tacky.
uniball2, Dec 07 2001

       Wear a python. It operates the same way.   

       Well - an anaconda, if you prefer.
neelandan, Dec 07 2001

       Aren't there already belts with elastic built in? If that's not fashionable enough, perhaps it could be camouflaged.
phoenix, Dec 07 2001

       Missed opportunity (neelandan): "Wear a boa."
beauxeault, Dec 07 2001

       Wouldn't this take the fun out of wearing those hot new superlow jeans? I mean, we wear them precisely *for* the possibility of giving our hind-side viewers an occasional dose of plumber's butt ...   

       I can't good in good conscience croissant anything that might reduce the sheer pleasure of being a girl.
1percent, Dec 07 2001

       I think those low jeans look goofy anyway, like 'My mommy couldn't afford to buy me new clothes'.
StarChaser, Dec 08 2001

       are they what we used to call hipsters?   

       what are those silly trousers that have the crotch (nearly said crutch) around the knees?
po, Dec 08 2001

       'Hipsters', yes.   

       The 'crotch at the knees' thing is called 'house'...as I understand it <which may be wrong; caveat emptor>, it's short for '<in the> big house', ie jail, where they take your belt away and your pants slip down. Manages to look even more dumb than the hipsters...
StarChaser, Dec 08 2001

       In her latest crappy video, Britney Spears wears a pair of hot-pink undies *over* her own superlow leather jeans. It's a look ... more or less.   

       I'm fairly certain that Britney's mommy can afford to buy her a few new things; whether or not anyone could call them 'clothing' is another matter.
1percent, Dec 09 2001

       She bought herself a couple of new 'things' too...Keep wanting to stick a pin in her jahoobies and see if they'll pop...
StarChaser, Dec 09 2001

       snuggling is good,   

       the snuggle belt is a good idea
0_owaffleo_0, Mar 20 2003

       I like it. It should easily adjust to your changing dimensions... kinda like a belt with more than one buckle hole.
FloridaManatee, Mar 20 2003


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