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Pipe Dreams

Plumbing pasta's potential
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A fun and motivating pasta plumber's kit will be on store shelves by Christmas. Including fresh pasta of the finest durum wheat, this construction toy will introduce children to designing, building and testing pipe systems.

The apprentice plumber will train motor skills and learn mechanical principles while assembling the color-coded pasta types. Pipes come in compatible sizes as bucatini, penne, cannelloni, macaroni and rigatoni. Fittings and supports are in the form of ditali, anelli, spaghetti and tagliarini. Contributing to interest and understanding are easy-to-follow building plans and blueprints and plastic tools such as a pipe wrench and a threader.

Help your child prepare for a high-paying profession as you assist in boiling the finished designs, testing for leaks with tomato or cheese sauce and finally eating the pasta piping with gusto and grip pliers.

FarmerJohn, Nov 18 2002

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       // ... testing for leaks with tomato or cheese sauce.//   

       Croissant for delightful image of parent and child's play on its own.
hollajam, Nov 18 2002

       Comes with stringy cheese "PTFE" tape.
hippo, Nov 18 2002

       ...giving rise to the saying "As much use as a pasta rising hot water boiler feed".   

       Would the pipes fit together as for vacuum cleaner hose, or would there be a little pot of parmesan and a small blowtorch for making solder joints?
egbert, Nov 18 2002

       deluxe version has a plumber's uniform. child-size greasy overalls, with a padded front for a bulging stomach, torn smelly t-shirt and a plastic mockup of what looks like the infamous builders bum...
po, Nov 18 2002

       What, kiddies as well?
egbert, Nov 18 2002

       Tortelli del bambino della capra, piping hot!
FarmerJohn, Nov 18 2002


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