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Saw Tooth Spaghetti

non-slip linear pasta
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The trouble with Spaghetti is that no matter how well you wind it around your fork, it can still slip off or release a long dangling end just before you get it into your hungry mouth.

This is easily solved by adding rows of pasta saw teeth along the lengths of spaghetti. As these are made from pasta, they are totally smooth to the tongue, but still provide enough grip to ensure that the lengths entangle with each other more thoroughly and don't slip away so readily.

xenzag, Mar 24 2018

Saw-toothed like this? https://crossoutdoo...EAQYBCABEgKqUvD_BwE
The surface of a spaghetti noodle is smooth. What if it was gritty? [Vernon, Mar 25 2018]

Busiate Trapanesi http://www.siciliaf...eparare-le-busiate/
A coiled approach, made by wrapping the pasta around the stem of the busa weed. [zen_tom, Mar 25 2018]

Mafaldine https://www.the-pas...-mafalda-reginette/
This stuff is nice too, as is Tripoline (not sure if it's so-named because it might be mistaken for tripe) [zen_tom, Mar 25 2018]

Spaghetti alla chitarra http://pastaliguori...ca-per-palati-fini/
Rotate those sawtooths - better handling, better mouthfeel. Far better then round. [mylodon, Mar 28 2018]


       Hmm. You may be cooking your pasta a little too al dente. That will tend to make it uncoil spontaneously.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 24 2018

       Ravioli pasta squares & just stab em with a fork?   

       Nice idea though.
Skewed, Mar 24 2018

       Maybe a gordion knot spaghetti would work?
RayfordSteele, Mar 24 2018

       Bun for the zippy sound you would get as you sucked a strand into your mouth.
Whistlebritches, Mar 25 2018

       What you need is infinitely long spaghetti, and an infinitely long fork to eat it with.   

       This way, neither of them has any unfortunate ends to cause the problem you describe.
Wrongfellow, Mar 28 2018

       // What you need is infinitely long spaghetti, //   

8th of 7, Mar 28 2018

       You might think it has enough jagged edges, but Emeril will still want to kick it up another notch.   

       Perhaps your problem lies in your choice of tools, not your choice of pasta. In a pinch, I have found that spaghetti tongs work surprisingly well for eating as well as serving.   

       In lieu of tongs, you might try one of the many motorized spaghetti twirling forks you can find on the web. With these, you do need to exercise caution, however, to avoid becoming tongue-tied.
Canuck, Mar 29 2018

       Shertainly, what's needed is hand-tied spaghetti, each strand lovingly crafted into a Turks-head knot?
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 30 2018

       Möbius strip linguini - “The flavour never ends!”
AusCan531, Mar 30 2018


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