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Pipe Dreams Duvet

Air-conditioned duvet
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Its summer here and way too hot for sleeping with a blanket. I would like a duvet with pin-hole vents in it that join up to a main pipe with a connection to an air conditioning unit, this enables one to snuggle with the blanket and keep cool.
Trodden, Jan 06 2003

sheet fan http://www.halfbakery.com/idea/Bed_20fan
a little like this [FarmerJohn, Oct 04 2004]

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       Baked? The link describes a heating/cooling blanket using liquid coolant and a separate temperature controlling device. This idea is simply to plug into the existing air con somehow (isn't it?) and blow air through micro holes in a blanket to aid cooling. Although they perform the same cooling function, I would say they're not the same thing. This version would have the added benefit of aiding dispersion of noxious gases (bad breath, er, etc).
egbert, Jan 06 2003

       //blow air through micro holes to aid cooling//   

       Or to act as some kind of crazy 'air-hockey' table.
Jinbish, Jan 06 2003

       Loved-Up-Fool chat up line: "Fancy a quick puck under the bedclothes, darling?"
egbert, Jan 06 2003


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