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Pirate Sorrrority

A coed sorority of pirates dedicated to the systematic takeover of sororities everywhere.
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Named Pi Rho Tau, said sorority will train members in the arts of sailing, pistol, fencing, and citrus-eating. Members will pretend to join 'real' sororities and then go to formals, ripping off their fake dresses and makeup to reveal bodices, eye patches, short skirts, and very stylish pirate boots. Brandishing cutlasses, these lassies will pillage and loot the sororities, effectively taking over from the inside.

Chapter T-shirts will have Pi Rho Tau on the front and the word 'scurvy' in a big 'no' sign. Sorority will hold charity fundraisers such as selling lemonade and use the money to fight scurvy all over the world.

The initiation ceremony will include walking a gangplank and searching for buried treasure, among other piratey activites.

Members will have secret codenames such as "Shmee," "Kaya the Slaya," and "Jolly Roger."

Chapters close to bodies of water will have sailboats upon which they will fly the the Pi Rho Tau / Jolly Roger flag. Chapters in the middle of the desert or mountains can have big pickup trucks with a little decal of Calvin peeing on the word scurvy. They can race other trucks and force them off of backcountry roads, just as the sailboats will force other boats out of waterways.

*Note: this could possibly be an idea for a badass chick flick.

kaya, Jun 29 2003

Btw http://www.osa.sfas...gs/greek/greek.html
Pi Rho Tau is taken. But that saves this from being a pun, I guess. [DrCurry, Oct 04 2004]

International Talk Like A Pirate Day http://www.thomasscott.net/yarr/
September 19th, ye scurvy dogs! [my face your, Oct 04 2004]

(?) The Crimson Permanent Assurance http://www.stone-de...rance/pictures.html
[phoenix, Oct 04 2004]

mmmmmmm! Gena Davis! http://movies.yahoo...=1800247315&intl=us
Just turn the sound off and watch. If you actually try to watch the movie and listen to the dialogue you will be disappointed. [ato_de, Oct 04 2004]

The Misheard History Of Pirates http://www.yarr.tk/
[my face your, Oct 04 2004]

Top pirating. http://www.geocities.com/afroassault/
Arrrrr! 'tis the old pirate 'imself. [DrBob, Oct 04 2004]

Pirate Girl Custume http://www.starship...t2k1/fig_pirate.JPG
(I think her swash is in danger of becoming unbuckled...) [DrCurry, Oct 04 2004]

The Official Keyboard http://www.defectiv...rchives/000690.html
Courtesy waugsqueke. [DrCurry, Oct 04 2004]

Clan Ninja-Pirate. http://www.weebl.jolt.co.uk/quest.htm
Eyepatches, shruikens, and pipe cleaners. Need ye more? Arr. [Utah, Oct 04 2004]


Jinbish, Jun 29 2003

       Shiver me timbers, and all that!   

       There certainly were women pirates back in the day, so I don't see why not. But if you're really out to disrupt things, wouldn't it be more fun to infiltrate the local fraternities...?   

       (You might possibly want to explain sororities for the non-American contingent here. For the rest of us, you might also want to explain how you can possibly have a coed sorority.)
DrCurry, Jun 29 2003

       Oh, <Trills/>AfrrroAssault</Trills>, where are you?
thumbwax, Jun 29 2003

       what thumb said!
po, Jun 29 2003

       yo ho ho and a bottle of seagram's wild berry
wasted_mips, Jun 29 2003

       Q: How come pirates are so cool?
A: Because they just arrrrrrrr!
snarfyguy, Jun 29 2003

       Sounds like a great way to become popular... or perhaps not.
RayfordSteele, Jun 29 2003

       Avast! Stand down and prepare to be boarded! The pirates of Gho Po Gho challenge ye to a duel!
phoenix, Jun 30 2003

       A female version of the sigma alpha mu? cool!
X2Entendre, Jun 30 2003


       For some reason, the first thing that popped into my head was the )Monty Python Insurance company) Sketch (with the buildings "sailing about", office supplies used as weapons and what not) but with sorority buildings...
timpestuous, Jun 30 2003

       You had me with sorrrority. No quarter asked, none given!
bungston, Jun 30 2003

       Put down all the codes, hazing rituals and sure fire rules to getting into different sororities in a downloadable form on the internet. Another true way to pirate a sorority.
sartep, Jul 01 2003

       <Reese Witherspoon> "Okay girls! Now *where* is my booty?" </Reese Witherspoon>
Tiger Lily, Jul 01 2003

       Mmmm! Lasses in long boots, short skirts and tight bodices. Can I be the first to be looted and pillaged? Oh, please, please, pretty please! I'm a sorority and everything. Honest!
DrBob, Jul 01 2003

       I'm afraid, in typical male stereotype mode, I'm entirely with DrBob's first thought's on this....ooer, I think I've come over all queasy, it must be scurvy, I need a young pirate to show me the ropes as soon as possible.
BTW, agree aboout the film [ato-de] but Geena Davis can shiver my particular timber and hoist my mainbrace any time she likes...
goff, Jul 01 2003

       I have never been able to understand the main purpose of being in a fraternity or a sorority other than feeling "cool"   

       I'm aware that I see them from another perspective, as I am not part of the american culture (um, well, we all are part of it, hopelessly). What I mean is, we don't have such excluding congregations in my country.   

       I give this idea a croissant because I'd LOVE to disrupt them, as I don't agree with most of the "ideals" they promote.
Pericles, Jul 01 2003

       What [DrBob] and [Goff] said. +
gnomethang, Jul 02 2003

       Sorry [TB]. Ninjas are cool - but Pirates rule!

       (But the realultimatepower website is an all time favourite of mine, especially the flash animation fo the stickmen fighting)
Jinbish, Jul 02 2003

       When the First Great Internet Civil War arrives - and arrive it will - I suspect that the division, the schism, if you will, that results in the creation of the necessary two warring factions will be based on the question "which is best: pirates or ninjas?"
my face your, Jul 02 2003

       But what about the unheralded Clan Ninja-Pirate? What about us? We've got Shruikens -and- Eye patches!   

       And Pipe Cleaners. [Link]
Utah, Sep 28 2003

       I'm with DrBob and goff. *gets interesting dress-up idea*   

       "Babe...please...just put the costume on. Yes, the patch too. No, no...that's a skirt, not a sash. Now, raise that mains'l for me, lassie!"
Eugene, Sep 29 2003

       In addition to racing trucks and running them off the road, whole "land pirate" maneuvers can be enacted. Think of it. Boarding a tour bus at 60 mph(99.something kmph). In two words, sexily tough.
countzero, Sep 29 2003

       Pirates, ninjas and marshmallows will all have to bow to the might of Dogbert.
madradish, Sep 29 2003

       Adam and the ants did it - years ago
ivanhoe, Sep 29 2003

       If Pi Rho Tau is taken, the second choice should be obvious: Alpha Rho Rho.
Tabbyclaw, Feb 20 2005


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