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Pizza in shape of Pyramid
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Hopping on the Pizza shape bandwagon...
A tad easier to construct than some shaped pizzas, Pizzamid might be a big seller at 'The Luxor' Casino/Hotel in Las Vegas - It would certainly be better than Little Caesars Pizza which has an outlet in the food court of Luxor. Three exposed surfaces can have Individual toppings as chosen by pizzee - pizza establishments which think the earth and pizza are both flat generally restrict splits to 1/2 and 1/2. If there is, in fact - a base of the pyramid - I would suggest parmesan enhanced tearable (not terrible) flatbreadsticks with a pool of garlic butter in the center.
thumbwax, Aug 25 2001

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       Wouldn`t the toppings slide off?
March Hare, Aug 25 2001

       Pyramids (as in Egypt) have four triangular sides above a square base, so those would be four toppings, not just three. Right?
jutta, Aug 25 2001

       Finally. heeheehee
I wondered how long that would take.
There is a certain trompe l'oeil which seems to occur when we humans see something presented to us, yet don't truly see it.
Yes, 4 is correct.
thumbwax, Aug 25 2001

       I'm seeing a similarly shaped Tupperware container for leftovers in which one might also store a cutter of choice that would remain perpetually sharp.
The Military, Aug 26 2001

       Thumbwax, I caught it but thought you'd left the fourth side just plain cheese.
StarChaser, Aug 26 2001

       Somebody's not taking notes in Geometry class? There are both square-based pyramids (4 sides) and triangle-based pyramids (3 sides). The famous structures in Egypt happen to be of the square-based variety.   

       Of course, [March Hare] is right. The toppings would tend to slide off, so there is little point in arguing the geometry of the 3-Dizza (tm).
BigBrother, Aug 29 2001

       Next time I get a pizza, I'll take apicture - trick will be me getting photos developed - I have 3 or 4 rolls laying around as it is. Regardless, scanning and posting will be a snap.
thumbwax, Aug 30 2001


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