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Roll o' Pizza

Pizza packaged on a roll like paper towels.
  [vote for,

Mount the Roll o' Pizza in your fridge, like a roll of paper towels mounted under a cabinet. Whenever you want some pizza, you just tear off a strip or two and pop it in the micro.

For parties, get the Great Wheel o' Pizza.

luxlucet, Oct 21 2009

Roll o'Ham Ham_20On_20A_20Roll
A marriage made in heaven [jtp, Oct 23 2009]


       [+] but you may run into technical difficulties regarding shelf-life (and if you freeze it it won't unroll anymore)
FlyingToaster, Oct 21 2009

       obligatory [+] to counter the asshole who doesn't explain his [-]. And for making modern dining more like those kebab/gyro people's food. They seem cultured.
daseva, Oct 21 2009

       I've watched 21 Quest over the past few months. Interesting to see that he just adds a tag indicating a negative vote now. Maybe in a few weeks he'll have evolved into an auto-boner.   

       Does the Roll o'Pizza have perforations, or is there a cutting attachment?
Loris, Oct 21 2009

       Better still, a spool of dough combined with a device like a rollerbed plotter loaded with toppings that can "print" a pizza on demand. But [+] for the concept.
8th of 7, Oct 21 2009

       [daseva] maybe he/she is the opposing universe where [-] is good and [+] is bad.
wjt, Oct 21 2009

       Reminds me of the "Cup'o'Pizza" from the film "The Jerk".
Jinbish, Oct 21 2009

       Tomorrow afternoon i will be constructing a pizza base. I am wondering if i could do it this way. I'd need a long oven to bake it in, then there's the rolling problem. I think it could be done by coating it in greaseproof paper and rolling, or maybe not worrying about the adhesion and just making a Swiss roll "pizza" which you cut transversely.
nineteenthly, Oct 21 2009

       Let me help you out, 21. You didn't explain yourself because you thought the idea didn't merit explanation. Because sometimes people feel this way. It's the equivalent of someone hanging up on you mid-argument. That part is ok. The part that sucks is your bland and blatant hypocrisy. Feels like someone's walking around the room with their balls hanging out, ready to be pulverized.   

       The reason why I know all this is not because I'm psychic and can read your mind, but because you have a pattern of covering your tracks after getting called out. You might consider just sticking to your guns sometime. It's much more self-respectful. Afterall, hypocrisy is a way of life.   

       Finally, the pizza experience is a very wide spectrum. From big floppy oblong pies of heaven floating to your table from wood-fired basement ovens in a no-name Italian trattoria to Totino's pizza rolls, I'm sure there's room in the middle.
daseva, Oct 21 2009

       This is actually a fairly good idea. The adhesion problem is not really enough to make it a bad idea, as it can be avoided through many technological solutions. At the simplest, just roll a plastic film between layers; at the more artistic, finish the pizza with confluent cheese and dust lightly with flour to both retain content and make non-adhesive. [+]
vincevincevince, Oct 21 2009

       You honor me, vincevincevince, and I thank you.   

       In heaven, the angels solve this problem with the Mobius Roll o' Pizza, where the back and the front are one, preventing front-to-back adhesion. Plus you get twice the toppings, and it's infinite. While you nibble on one side, cherubim replenish the other side. And seraphim use that flaming sword thingie to cook it & cut it.   

       No more pizza for 21 Quest and daseva until they agree to play nice.
luxlucet, Oct 22 2009

       Aye, but sharing a pizza is the best and often only way to settle differences... Alas, we are in a conundrum.
daseva, Oct 22 2009

       // we are in a conundrum //   

       Is that like a Pizza Hut or something ? One of those franchise chain restaurants ?
8th of 7, Oct 22 2009

       Seems like this would be a bit bulky for your average home refrigerator.
nick_n_uit, Oct 22 2009

       This is the HalfBakery. Refrigerator size is not an issue.
8th of 7, Oct 22 2009

       Here's some help with your toppings (linkydink)
jtp, Oct 23 2009


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