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Plane language tutorials

so much time, so little to do.
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There I was on a flight not an hour ago where, of the 12 films available for my viewing pleasure, only two were in English (or with English subtitles). An ideal opportunity to read a book I hear you say, well.. I'd rather be watching a Plane Language Tutorial, a 12 hour destination language guide starting from the very basics and concluding with the still-quite-basic. Voila, time well spent.

Naturally, you'd want quite a few of these channels to accomodate lots of different language pairs.
neilp, Mar 01 2005

Singapore Airlines http://www.singapor...ent/interactive.jsp
launch language tutorials [neilp, Dec 01 2005]

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       This only just qualifies as an idea - taking a walkman and a set of Linguaphone cassettes onto a plane has been possible for years (and done by many who wish to learn Gronkian on their way to their summer hols in Gronk). Still, it makes sense and so deserves a bun.
wagster, Mar 01 2005

       Much easier to pick up languages through pillow-talk. Never mind the movies - go for a stewardperson grapple in the toilets.
ConsulFlaminicus, Mar 01 2005

       Great! This could be an extra service for first class passengers, who could ask for a personal tutor when reserving tickets.
Pericles, Mar 02 2005

       [wags], that's a fair point, but I was hoping this would be interactive/DVD style e.g. it can ask you what sentences mean to check your understanding (e.g. press A, B or C on the handset), and maybe be combined with a destination guide.
neilp, Mar 02 2005

       I'm not one to 'blow my own trumpet' but look (link) Singapore Airlines have only gone and done it.
neilp, Dec 01 2005

       Excellent. Well done neilp.
DrBob, Dec 02 2005

       But only really well done if Singapore Airlines is paying you royalties.
bristolz, Dec 02 2005


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