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Pocket Toaster

have bread, will make travel toast
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If you like toast, then you'll be interested in the latest Pocket Toaster that enables you to make toast at any time.

It's a simple device that replaces the top pocket on a coat or blazer with one that makes toast. This is an ultra compact instrument, well protected by thin insulation material about the size of a CD drive, that lets you make a slice of toast whenever you feel like it.

The complimentary bread is a customised size that fits easily into the Pocket Toaster, and can be carried in a side pocket in its special holder.

The toaster's power supply is contained in a waist-coat battery pack that can be used to power other portable items.

Double breasted version makes two slices at once.

xenzag, Aug 25 2020

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       Well I think this is a good idea, but most people think I am crazy anyway!
xandram, Aug 25 2020

       //about the size of a CD drive// - actually, I would really like a toaster with the same mechanism as a CD drive, either slot-loading or tray-loading, I don't mind. CD drives will be completely obsolete in about 10 years, so this would be a nice way to remember them.
hippo, Aug 25 2020

       There was an idea for a 5 1/4" pizza oven posted by [half] but it's a dead link now.   

       But see <link>
8th of 7, Aug 25 2020

       I like the marketing approach to selling proprietary bread. Similar to razor blades and printer ink, that's where the money is.
tatterdemalion, Aug 25 2020

       I think this is brilliant and if someone doesn't bring it to fruition, I just might. (not really, but it's really a good idea.)   

       Hmmm, where to keep the butter? Butter pocket? Lined with plastic wrap or some such product.
blissmiss, Aug 25 2020

       I think requiring custom-sized bread, while great for marketing and revenue, is a bad idea in practice. Sized for regular bread means you can restock anywhere.
And "double breasted" is always better ;-D
neutrinos_shadow, Aug 25 2020

       Hmmm. Well, processed ham, and processed cheese are supplied in a very similar square form-factor that seems to fit well with the square sliced "bread" retailed by some supermarkets.   

       That might be considered "regular". Legally, it can be called "bread" but its resemblance to anything that any sane person would willingly consume is doubtful.
8th of 7, Aug 25 2020


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