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A listing website where people imaginate scenarios that have positive vibes only. Such as being in front of a log fire on a comfortable reclining chair at Christmas time, in a room with a Christmas tree, in a cofee shop with a mocha and laptop and headphones, being sat at a wooden table on a street in Europe drinking wine and eating steak.
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chronological, Jul 18 2023

imaginate == imaginative https://www.thefree...onary.com/Imaginate
[a1, Jul 19 2023]


       Also where any scenario can be presented and the beauty and inspiration concealed within it can be unpacked. Because there is beauty and inspiration everywhere if you learn how to find it.
pocmloc, Jul 18 2023

       You doin' ok Father Time?
RayfordSteele, Jul 18 2023

       What do you mean by " imaginate(sic) scenarios"?
Voice, Jul 19 2023

       All of the scenarios mentioned in this idea will trigger some humans.   

       Humans are weird.   

       Weird is what lets us grow.   

       We are not to be homogenized. Weird is what makes us awesome.   

       Has this steak been put into a blender? I'm not sure that's a very attractive scenario [edit - ah, text has been corrected now].
hippo, Jul 19 2023

       Positive Vibe: instead of complaining that the idea summary is too long, I will appreciate that the idea description is admirably succinct.
pertinax, Jul 19 2023

Voice, Aug 07 2023


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