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Podcast Interview Software

Clear audio from all participants via non-real-time synchronization
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I have yet to hear a phone or Skype interview (usually in a podcast, but they also exist in regular radio programs) that sounds like a studio interview or an interview in which all participants are in the same location. This is because VoIP generally doesn't sound good and has to prioritize timely delivery over audio quality (which is understandable).

This software would allow you to conduct your interview via Skype (or other VoIP system) with multiple participants and cache a local copy of the audio in uncompressed form at every location. It would also insert timestamps into the recorded audio and then allow one (or more) of the parties to synchonize the uncompressed audio at whatever speed the network allows and automatically generate one mp3 (or WAV, etc.) file that sounds as good as possible for later use in a podcast (or a regular broadcast).

The same principle could also be used with a phone interview if the remote participant was able to record his own audio during the interview and send it along via the network for later synchronization. The latter case would have to rely on waveform matching by the software to create an in-sync audio image of the final interview.

cowtamer, Dec 23 2010




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