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WWWalkie Talkie

Transmit walkie talkie conversations over the internet
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A very simple concept, so it’s likely it’s been baked in some form or another though I ran a quick google on it which turned up nothing. Anyway here’s the jist of the idea
In the past I’ve use software that allows me to talk to one of more people at once over the internet using my computer microphone and speakers (though a head set is recommended) You can purchase Bluetooth/ wireless headsets which don’t care about the software you’re using, they just form a wireless connection to the speaker and microphone sockets. So my idea is just an extension of this existing technology. Why not wire a two way walkie talkie with a 3 or more km range to your computer (Your friends do the same). Set up a secure channel over the internet which everyone can “listen” on, and then use the other walkie talkies to communicate to your computer and thus any of your friends who are listening.

So the link is
Me--->WWWalkie Talkie ---3km---->my computer-->friends computer------3km---> WWWalkie Talkie---->Friend (who I shall name Bob)
This is the most basic functionality the WWWalkie Talkie could offer, with slight hardware and software changes you could have text messaging, the ability to specify who you want to talk with(ie: be able to dial a number), encrypt the conversation for security loads of different things. But as far as the basic functionality goes this could be set up in a day for little more than the cost of two walkie talkie sets, and rental on two broadband internet connections.
Cubical_View, Oct 12 2004

Like this? (about half way down the page under "Specialty Voice Repeaters (FM)") http://incolor.inet.../LocalAirWaves.html
"Interested in talking around the country or around the world using your 2-Meter handheld? Now you can, thanks to something called Internet Radio Linking Project (IRLP). " [half, Oct 12 2004]

Internet Radio Linking Project homepage http://www.irlp.net/
Wwwow [Mr Burns, Oct 12 2004]


       Appears it's being done. (link)
half, Oct 12 2004

       [steve DeGroof] the software I was using required a password and possibly a username (I forget the exact details its 6 months or so since I used it) to allow you to join a convesation. I expect it wouldn't be too hard to set up scripts to allow you to connect to different conversations/ groups autoamtically and then to automatically run these scripts based on input form the walkie talkie, a tone sequence or something simialr.
[half] not quite the product I have in mind (but very, very, close I'll admit, figured it was too simple not to have been baked) With WWWalkie Talkies you have more control over the whole process, you set up the voice over ip links, its more secure etc.
Cubical_View, Oct 12 2004

       I'm not sure I understand -- is the goal to broadcast the signal to more than one recepient, or simply to extend walkie talkie range?
theircompetitor, Oct 12 2004

       Very nice. + Welcome to the halfbakery.
sartep, Oct 12 2004

       [theircompetitor] I guess it's more like extending the walkie talkies range and sorttof crossing it with a mobile.
[sartep] thanks though I'm not really that new, I deleted my old account q2cannonfodder after that harddrive crash. I just haven't got around to filling out my profile page yet.
Cubical_View, Oct 12 2004

       I found the link I supplied by searching on "internet as a repeater". From what little I know about radio, this sounded to me like a repeater with the internet as the transmission medium instead of RF/air/EM waves.
half, Oct 12 2004

       hmm, I've re googled with "repeater" and this seems to be far more baked than I thought. It may still be a valid idea with the addition of the other features I mentioned, particularly being able to dial a specific area/walkie talkie. Also I couldn't find any product that could do this out of the box as it were. But the idea's definitly on very shakey ground i think:(
Cubical_View, Oct 12 2004

       I always try to find out of the box solutions or at least hack together something from off-the-shelf parts. I was wondering if you could set up a version of this using those low priced FRS "walkie talkies". Some of the better ones have VOX (voice activation) and headset capability which could make short work of transciever automation.   

       Using the sound card on computers running an IM client with voice capability, 2 radios at each end and the necessary electronic tricks to make the VOX work when the radio is connected by wire...   

       It sounds like you're maybe wanting to do this with more than just two people. I don't know if those IM clients support voice conversations with more than 2 participants.
half, Oct 12 2004

       I probably won't try to bake this, though I think it would be an interesting project for anyone who's interested. From the links I'm almost certain this could be hacked together quite easily in the basic repeater setup even with cheap walkie talkies. For all the cooler stuff I definitely think this is fairly doable. I like the additions though particularly regarding dynamic IP and headsets(setting it up to work through the headset connections that is, not actually using a headset). Just thinking about it though you technically you could do this with mobile phones, a lot of telephone companies offer a “call a friend for free” option so if the phone in your base station is said friend you wouldn’t have to worry about limited range of your walkie talkie at least (though the initial cost goes up) if everyone did this I’m sure the telephone companies might decide to withdraw the offer though :)
Cubical_View, Oct 13 2004

       I'm the Key Grip on my film school's fall production, and proud of the fact. But as such I'm entitled to a walkie on-set. Let me tell you, our crew has had some goofy conversations via walkie. "WWWWHHHAAlkie check!"
Eugene, Oct 13 2004

       Ok I know this is an old topic but I think it sounds cool and I have an idea.   

       From what I get you basically want to voice message a friend across town (or around the world) using a walkie talkie, and a computer with web access. Now making all the auto matic connect up and what custom software would be difficult. However if you had 4 radios (2 each) and at least 2 had mic and speaker plugs (something like a headset type plug) you could connect one to each computer via sound card, use AIM's connect to talk and leave it connected. It would also be helpful if you had a power adapter so the radios at the computers could be left on without killing the batteries.   

       I know it ain't fancy but it would work provided that you crossed the mic and speaker connections properly on the plugs.
jojo200517, Jun 10 2006

       I consult remotely to clients who use headset walkie-talkies constantly.   

       It would benefit me greatly to be able to jump onto their radio network over the net.   

       Are there any products currently available?   

       DingoTel are no longer in business, but appeared to have launched exactly this type of product at the 2005 CES (Consumer Electronics Show).
mhujm, Jun 09 2009


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