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USB SIM and 3g Network

Manage and organise contacts on your sim, synch with pc, Make calls on your computer without the need for an internet connection.
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Basically instead of having an internet connection to make voip calls, it'd be cool if you could slip your simcard into a USB drive and use your current telephone service provider over the regular 3g network, it'd just be on your pc to make and receive calls. It could connect using whatever a regular mobile phone uses, like some crazy encrypted transmitter.

See i recently thought of this idea due to always being on the go with my laptop, but too much of a tight ass to buy mobile internet. You will see me always camping at a McDonald, not buying anything but using their internet. I have this other obsession with micro pc's, handheld pc's or whatever you wanna call them. Like the power of a laptop in your hand, and i figure, if i buy one of these, i'd like to merge with my regular mobile phone instead of having a laptop, mp3 player and phone, i could just merge it all into one awesome device. Problem is that most micro pc's dont support sim cards (and btw,I don't wanna be an iphone yuppie either).

So In my opinion, this thing would be sick to have.

bbglas007, Nov 09 2009

Verizon WIreless Mobile Broadband http://www.verizonw...age=products_device
"Verizon Wireless USB modems, ExpressCards and PC cards provides access on your notebook or netbook to the Internet using the same reliable network as your Verizon Wireless phone" [phoenix, Nov 09 2009]

WOW - this is bassically aaaalmost what i want http://forum.pocket...p?p=16274#post16274
Hacking a Sony Vaio micro pc to accept sim cards. It's voip though i think or only certain sims [bbglas007, Nov 09 2009]

Eggless Omelet http://www.indobase.../eggless-omelet.php
lol [bbglas007, Nov 09 2009]


       Yes, but i don't want to carry a separate phone around, maybe just a dongle that would stick out a bit with a tiny areal maybe. it'd be good if pc's built these in though.   

       So i would imagine a small simcard reader and cell phone 3g transmitter in one and some software you install and it connects to your service provider, not the internet.   

       Problem with voip is that it costs you to receive calls. On mobile phones here, you can receive calls without credit.   

       My friend told me to look into this btw: pcmcia sim card reader
bbglas007, Nov 09 2009

       Wow, I will have to look into it a little.   

       I Live in Australia, so we don't have such an established communications network. If i knew electrical engineering, i could probably modify a shitty Nokia phone and basically strip it of all the unessisarries, such as buttons, screens, the mic and speakers.   

       Once it's stripped down to the basics, i could probably do what you first suggested and tether it to my pc. If i could run it on usb power, that'd be a huge advantage too, i can get rid of the batter. I imagine it would run on usb if it dosn't need to power a screen and buttons.   

       I'm sure it's pretty doable!   

       So then hot synch it, and get some kind of calling software!   

bbglas007, Nov 09 2009

       Well i was thinking about getting a micro Pc and just using it as an all in one device. If someone steals it, I will terminate their existing contract with life just like how you described AT&T's methods of operation!   

       Micro pc's have a bit more progress to make in order for me to be fully convinced to buy one though.   

       I'm after at least 12 hours battery life and something reasonably small. I don't mind if it's a bit chunky, but i imagine the battery will be huge.   

       At the moment, i reckon the most advanced micro Pc on the market would have to be the OQO followed by the VAIO UX.   

       But as the technology improves, i'm sure battery life will be better with other models and eventually if they don't make some kind of 3g card built in, a DIY would be a good alternative!
bbglas007, Nov 09 2009

       UnaBubba, while that does sound good, because of my tight ass attitude, i would say that doesn't quite cut it, as you still pay for receiving a call if you use voip because you are chewing up your net as opposed to receiving a call for free normally via a normal phone.   

       Ah well, i guess it will have to do for now!   

       Until i hack a phone and strip it down and sync it!
bbglas007, Nov 09 2009

       "...i don't want to carry a separate phone around, maybe just a dongle that would stick out a bit with a tiny areal maybe." "So i would imagine a small simcard reader and cell phone 3g transmitter in one and some software you install and it connects to your service provider, not the internet."
phoenix, Nov 09 2009

       I mean phone service provider, and by dongle i mean something usb that accepts your sim and goes via the gsm network, not to a set up plan to use Internet if that makes sense, but cheers phoenix.
bbglas007, Nov 09 2009

       // OQO followed by the VAIO UX.// Sadly OQO has gone under, but Netbooks are not far worse. Tethering is the answer. I tether to my Win Mobile phone and get full 3G speeds, but since the bandwidth is shared the speed varies wildly, but 1M/s is usually available in my area.   

       The real answer would be Bluetooth tethering. This allows you to surf with a Nokia N810 and then call using your phone.   

       Or just get a good phone. My boss has an OQO and the new DROID looks like a half scale replica.   

       Also the MiFi is very cool and then you could Skype from your laptop.
MisterQED, Nov 10 2009

       Una,I don't think it'd be too easy to hack, It's just the same as a normal mobile phone, but it's merged with your pc.   

       sure... It might open up a little exploitable gap, but that's beside the point!   

       Maybe someone has made this in the past, but yeah i guess i can see why this thread is failing.   

       I think iv'e heard of some nokia software that syncs with your pc and you can sends and receive sms's and possibly calls with it.   

       So my goal right now is prob to obtain the smallest nokia i can and just tether it as a usb device and maybe try and take the battery out (and maybe the screen and rig it so it runs on usb power.   

       MisterQED - I actually couldn't give a damn about internet usage - that's the opposite of my goal, i want it to be able to receive calls for free, like a normal mobile phone. If i use voip, i sitll use bandwidth to stream incoming calls, making it then still costing me.   

       The whole concept behind this is to have one powerful device, running off one battery and not having to carry around an extra device to stream stuff over. Usb would be the closest ideal way of doing this. Ideally, i'd like a micropc built in with this tech, but that hasn't happened yet, so usb is small enough for my liking and doesn't require something loose that requires another battery and still reacts with calls. -I want to be able to use the micro pc for calls!
bbglas007, Nov 10 2009


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