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service to remove adverts
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I was listening to a 'podcast' the other day, and the authors have taken to inserting 30 second adverts in it, which are incredibly annoying (I don't mind a well placed advert, but these took the biscuit). I propose a media player plugin which looks at any podcasts you have, compares them to a central (user submitted) database of edits, and trims out the ads either on the fly or by actually editing the mp3 file.
neilp, Feb 19 2006


       Or add a 30-second skip button, like Tivo.   

       I would have thought an alert that a podcast has ads would be enough for everyone to shun it.
DrCurry, Feb 19 2006

       I don't know what pods are, other than the things in the horror movies. Call me daft...( I mean I know, but I don't know much.) But anything that gets rid of ads has gotta be good.
blissmiss, Feb 19 2006

       See under iPod. Podcasting is creating audio or video tracks designed to be played on an iPod.
DrCurry, Feb 19 2006


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