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Red rent

This is normal rent, if everything turns to custard, this is the red rent.
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A base line economy value for services so if things happen and hyper inflation is looming, people can see sense and just operate on the red values. The mental valuing system occasionally needs a grounding mark to hang from.

A landlord or service provider would give two prices, the normal; and the minimal operating price with reduced services ( no maintenance, upgrades are going to get done) Two landlords, could give the same rent price but different red rent values.

The economy is always good if there is a boom but we are all here, the physical stuff hasn't changed , why let unrealistic mental labeling wreck a society.

Then again ,if we have truly advanced and it is really hard custard, the tenant and landlord should share the can of beans.

wjt, Feb 11 2022


       Junk bonds should start selling their debt now. The debtors may last longer than the debtees.
4and20, Feb 11 2022

       //if everything turns to custard// then you would be paying your rent in custard, but you would be renting custard. You would be custard. It also depends on your definition of "thing" actually.
pocmloc, Feb 11 2022

       How does custard account for inflation?
RayfordSteele, Feb 11 2022

       You can swim in it, but if you fall on it, you'll hurt your thing.
4and20, Feb 11 2022

       I hate to appear ignorant.
Voice, Feb 12 2022


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