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Remote Desktop Software Rental

Rent expensive software via remote desktop for occasional use
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I have need to very occasionally use expensive software such as Photoshop, CorelDraw, AutoCAD, etc.

I do NOT want to download an illegal copy, a trial copy, or anything of the sort (since trial copies expire and illegal copies are, well...illegal and a hassle). Nor do I want to deal with configuring the machine, the temporary licenses, etc.

This service would allow me to pay somewhere between $5-$50 for a 1-2 hour session on a machine pre-configured with the software of my choice via a remote desktop service such as GotoMeeting, WebEX, etc. I would be able to upload my files, do whatever I need to do, and download the results I create. As a value-added service, the business could also sell extra storage, allow printing (2D, 3D, plotting), etc.

I do not believe this would violate most software EULA's provisions against renting the software since I would not be renting the license so much as time on a computer pre-configured with the software.

If this is baked, I'd love to know!

cowtamer, Jul 21 2010


       Isn't this just pay-per-view thin client ?
8th of 7, Jul 21 2010

       Essentially the Kinko's or other computer rental model with remote access. Definitely has some possibilities.
MechE, Jul 21 2010

       MechE, that's exactly what I'm imagining, inspired by current frustration in trying to find a Kinko's with the software I need ( and the lack of time to actually drive there)...
cowtamer, Jul 21 2010

       We actually do this within our organisation (using KVM over IP on our network) to enable people to use expensive but rarely used CAD software which is installed on a single machine. The licensing arrangements are much easier to handle that way - no nasty floating nodes, no dongles to lose, and so on.   

       I seem to remember that there are also companies that will hire out a preconfigured and licensed physical machine.   

       It would be simple enough to expand the concept to world + dog, although I would expect the software companies to do their best to find clauses in their EULAs that forbid it.
English Bob, Jul 22 2010


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