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Refrigerated Deposit Box

A place to store food when you don't have/need a refrigerator
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If one were to live solely out of ones car for any stretch of time, one would soon come to realize that monthly expenditures on food increase as you are more prone to eat out, and less prone to buy non-non-perishables in bulk because you have no refrigerator in which to put them.

I propose a large bank of small refrigerated, lockable compartments for rent, to alleviate this problem for those without access to, or ownership of refrigerators.

MikeD, Mar 14 2011

Road Chill http://img1.classis...0r7/71508ia_20.jpeg
I bought one of these with grand plans to make an RTG. Works as advertised. [DIYMatt, Mar 14 2011]


       I would suggest conning your way into a line chef job. I managed to do it. My 2 coworkers quit, his 'bout a raise? Oh, of course! A raise freeze. Company wide policy. I took over the counter speed to help myself get through the dinner rush. I couldn't afford to fail at that time in my life. No raise, no replacements? OK. i'm putting down 6 hambergers a half an hour before we close.   

       I'm doing R&D when we're slow, deep fried peperoni and mozzerella wrapped in pizza dough. Mmmm good, but i'm skeptical it will sell. I tried, though.   

       A dry ice/ battery powered fan cooler type thing might work better in relation to the origional idea.   

       I didn't have a car the time in my life I was starving. I know having to trust would have been hard, then.
Zimmy, Mar 14 2011

       [+] Refrigerated lockers at the beach.
FlyingToaster, Mar 14 2011

       But what about the Road Chill?!
DIYMatt, Mar 14 2011

       What costs the road chill?
Zimmy, Mar 14 2011

       The Road Chill seems handy, but if one could afford to keep thier automobile running 24 hours a day, they could probably also afford a place to live.
MikeD, Mar 15 2011


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