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And other construction confectionery
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As suggested in 'a small threaded hole' (linked) following an anno by [po].

Polo mints (or any other for that matter) which have nobbles and divots similar to Lego, allowing you to build things from them.

Looking at Nestle's list of products (linked) it seems that they could make a selection box, like the ones you get at Christmas) with many different sweets that can be used together to build something. I imagine this would not be practical for everyday use but could provide an interesting novelty item to a children's party and encourage kids to share sweets at school to construct stuff.

Meccandy is also possible, like the stuff the Dozers used on Fraggle Rock (Cue 80s cartoon nostalgia)

marklar, Jul 17 2007

Nestle's brand list http://en.wikipedia..._Nestl%C3%A9_brands
My my, they have been busy. [marklar, Jul 17 2007]

The origin of the inspiration A_20Small_20Threaded_20Hole
Where the idea took shape [marklar, Jul 17 2007]

Lego Fun Snacks. http://lego.wikia.c...iki/LEGO_Fun_Snacks
Oh $DIETY, its baked. And Ew. [Galbinus_Caeli, Jul 18 2007]

LeGummies http://www.instruct...aped-gummy-candies/
Make your own [marklar, Sep 01 2011]


       Nicely posted, [marklar]. A great idea, as previously stated I would also like to see Sweetccano, or StickleSweets. The possibilities are endless! Delicious bun coming your way... [+]   

       PS Wow, the autoboner is fast.
TheLightsAreOnBut, Jul 17 2007

       Silly autoboner. Wonder if they read the great idea presented here.   

       I would request Kit-Kat technics, so I could finaly build my K.I.T.T.-kit-kat-moblie.   

       You should include a idiot-proof lawsuit avoiding statement like, "Warning, creations will melt in direct sunlight, place in refridgerator for an extended play expirence."
evilpenguin, Jul 17 2007

       Tinker pops, we need tinker pops.   


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