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Police that are mimes
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We have police-women, police-dogs, why not police-mimes? Imagine looking down the barrel of a 9mm Glock at the stone cold painted face of a police-mime motioning for you to drop the weapon and step away from the vehicle? Nothing strikes fear into mortal men like the piercing stare of a mime with a gun. It's guaranteed surrender every time.
DeathNinja, Jul 22 2003

Mime Armies http://www.halfbake.../idea/Mime_20armies
by Gulherme. A similar notion. [my face your, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       They would need silencers.
bungston, Jul 22 2003

       Ftlog, NO!   

       (Not that I'm currently planning any crimes, of course, but widespread deployment of mimes might tip the balance.)
DrCurry, Jul 22 2003

       Deployed in conjunction with Clown Strips, this would be a very effective deterrent. Or it may violate international law.
oneoffdave, Jul 23 2003

       A mime with a gun? Surely that should be an invisible gun, for the sake of tradition.
my face your, Jul 23 2003

       It would take them absolutely ages to get anywhere, running against the wind all the time. And that's assuming they could get out of that blasted invisible box first.
PeterSilly, Jul 23 2003

       You have the right to remain silent...
thumbwax, Jul 23 2003

       Mimed-cuffs are user friendly.
Tiger Lily, Jul 23 2003

       i wonder what invisable doughnuts taste like?
nilly, Dec 24 2003

       Very easy to counter indoors. Just open a window and walk away at a leisurely pace while the mime cops are blown out of the door by imaginary wind.
Saruman, Jan 26 2004


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