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Police bike pull carriers

For prisoners
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You know those trailers that you see getting pulled by a bike. Two wheels and its attached to the bike seat. It usually contains a child or groceries or weights.

Take one of those and turn it into a cage with restraints and put a police sign on the sides and back of it. Im sure that would increase the effectiveness of bike cops. Now they can haul people off in the little carriages.

It would also be pretty amusing to see.

Antegrity, Jan 11 2006


       I recently heard about a guy who got himself shot - He was in cuffs in the back of a car, and he got rowdy, so they put leg restraints on him.   

       He slipped the leg restraints, kicked the window out, climbed out and tried to hijack a vehicle while still in cuffs. He was succeeding, and they got bored of the game and shot him. Can't say I blame them.   

       It would make me be on my best behaviour to know that I could be carted off in a bike trailer, but I don't think I'd like being the guy on the bike with somebody throwing himself around inside my trailer.   

       Maybe if you give me mounting points so I can strap him down like so much cargo.
normzone, Jan 11 2006

       They should just strap the cuffs to the back of the bike, and make the perp run along behind.
DrCurry, Jan 11 2006

       I would think that 5 point restraints strecthing the felon out and tying his legs together would be enough to contain even the most rowdy of persons.
Antegrity, Jan 11 2006

       I wonder if this would work?: An L frame brace that could be slipped into an attachment on the frame so that the arrested rides "bike tied" (ankles zip tied to thighs, etc.) for all to see w/ their alleged crime marker written below the bike license plate.
Zimmy, Jan 12 2006

       Perhaps they should also have tandem bike cops so they can pull the heavier felons. Tandem bike cops would be incredibly gay though. Which would make it that much more amusing to watch.
Antegrity, Jan 12 2006

       Four bicycle cops, with the arrested ne'er do well suspended, star-shaped, between them, one cuff on each limb with a five foot chain attached to each bicycle. The group would need to ride in perfect formation to avoid scraping the felon on the pavement. Indeed, if suspended face down, he/she may co-operate in the undertaking to avoid damage. "Left arm out a bit, out a bit... right leg pedal a bit ...&^%$(*.. Don't swerve for cats you bastards!"
ConsulFlaminicus, Jan 12 2006

       This sounds like the child catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (Robert Helpmann)
skinflaps, Jan 12 2006

       //Robert Helpmann)// Sir Robert, to you.
coprocephalous, Jan 12 2006

       Off topic, but a bike cop tried to pull over my sister once, but never expecting anything but a squad car to pull her over, she ignored him. When she finally realized what the now pissed-off cop was trying to do, she pulled over, but only to make matters worse, she made fun of him by asking if he was ticked cause the police department took his car away. It didn't end well.
MikeOxbig, Jan 13 2006

       I think that bike cops if placed in the proper area can be highly effective. Only problem is, if they get off their bike to chase someone, another person may take their bike. The prisoner in the bike carrier would have to wear a pink helmet that barely fits.
Antegrity, Jan 13 2006

       + as well for ConsulF's annotation idea which actually made me laugh out loud
xenzag, Jan 13 2006


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