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Polling Booth Infomation Poster

Voting Info Dot Point Style
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This idea is thought up for Australia, as we are all lazy buggers.

Have a transparent nonprofit organization go to every polling location, and place a suitably large poster near the entrance.

In every poster, all the political parties are allowed a 15x10cm space for their propaganda. But it must be send to the organization, they cannot just stick their leaflet on it. After a deadline, it will be arranged conveniently by categorization(could be alphabetical or by ideology) and mass printed as a poster.

This is since there are restrictions... they cannot just say anything.

They are only given 5 dot points, and all dot points must be cited like wikipedia. They cannot post any attacks on other parties or individuals. This occurs in 10x10cm in big letters, to aid speed reading. (side effect: parties have to condense their wording to fit the space)

next to the 10x10cm of the 15x10cm space, is a 5x10cm spot where a how to vote a party is placed.

Reasons for doing this: Some people live under a rock, and while waiting to vote... they can look up the list and choose. Kinda like a drive in menu in fast food restaurants.

Additional sub ideas:

- Post the resulting poster online.

- Allow public to view a prototype poster, to contest certain evidences or dot points.

mofosyne, Sep 25 2008


       Any Australians here?   

       What do you think personally about this idea?
mofosyne, Sep 25 2008

       //This idea this though up for Australia//   

       sp: this idea this though down for australia.
po, Sep 25 2008

       I like the idea of a simple poster saying what the parties believe in, but I would prefer a table style layout - the candidates across the top, and a series of yes/no questions down the sides about various issues, much like those useful tables for choosing mortgages etc.   

       In the UK, I think this would be good for local elections - in general elections most people will see the hype on TV and know what different parties think about most issues. In local elections the candidates don't get so much coverage. Then again I am speaking as someone who has never voted in the 6 years I've been allowed to, so probably best to ignore me
MadnessInMyMethod, Sep 25 2008

       good idea. but in australia it would only give the willfully ignorant some other thing to actively ignore.
williamsmatt, Sep 25 2008

       //I would support a ballot that lists the parties from right to left, depending where they reside on the spectrum.// "the political spectrum" is an invention of those who want to manipulate you by pretending that complex, multi-point debates and decisions about a wide range of social, financial, military, foreign policy, and other issues can be reduced to a point on a line.
Voice, Sep 26 2008


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