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Presidential Car Commercials

Get two boring advertisements over with at the same time
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OK, look. The average American watches 19 car commercials every day. Car commercials are largely visual in nature (that is, watching a car drive around). Plus, they have cool music. Except for that "Zoom, Zoom, Zoom" commercial, GOD I WANT TO KICK THAT SNIVELING KID'S @#$^!@#%...but I digress. Meanwhile, political campaign ads are mostly informational in nature (so and so voted for this in 2001, he supports this, that, and those, etc.). They have music, too, but I find it disgusting and offensive, how they play that evil music like from a horror movie when they are talking about the opposing candidate. I would have no problem replacing that music with the car commercial music.

In short, I feel the two types of ads would merge beautifully together. You simply have the car commercial's music and visuals, with the presidential campaign voiceover. With so many car commercials on the air, a lot more political candidate information could be communicated than through the political commercials we currently have. Plus, the car companies could easily afford to sponsor this, and this way the political candidates wouldn't have to raise millions of dollars in finances every year to pay for their own TV commercials.

Added benefit: Each car company could choose which candidate(s) to sponsor, thus leading to much-needed differentiation amongst the car companies. (Ever notice how all cars look alike these days? It doesn't even matter which company you buy a car from).

phundug, Apr 08 2003


       Conservative candidates would hawk gas guzzling SUV's, while liberals would endorse feul efficient hybrids, or they would just air their standard "accuse the other guy" soundbites while the spot played?
snarfyguy, Apr 08 2003

       Accuse the other guy, of course:
My opponent eats French Fries (Pic of Chirac) and drinks Russian Vodka (Pic of Kruschev mouthing "we will crush you") while driving a German Mercedes (Pic of Hitler). I eat American Cheese (Pic of Processed Goop, neatly wrapped)and drink American MicroBrews (Pic of Samuel Adams signature on Declaration of Independence) while driving a Lincoln Continental (photoshopped pic of Abe Lincoln & Candidate), etc.
thumbwax, Apr 08 2003

       "My opponent voted for the death penalty for children."
"It is a known fact that he staffs his office with sex offenders."
Scrreech! (radical 180)
"He's admitted to be a left wing, Satan worshipping, homosexual pornographer!"
Pastoral mountain driving scene.
voice over: "Vote against Jones. Professional driver on a closed track. Generous terms for qualified buyers."
snarfyguy, Apr 08 2003


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