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Presidential Debate Surprise Question Contest

Contest: questions candidates MUST answer
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Nowadays the candidates know the questions in advance. There is some speculation that the candidates themselves often write the questions too. Occasionally the questions are substantive but mostly they're about personality issues rather than know-how. Soooo let's have a 'people's choice' Q and A where questions are selected by popular vote instead of the usual back-room agreed-upon pap. For instance I want to see a candidate solve a nonlinear equation and give a real world example of where one might encounter such a phenomenon (global warming, asteroid orbit, take your pick).
Steamboat, Aug 24 2015

A 100% accurate description of the first Republican debate https://www.youtube...watch?v=zlEz_PLFBIg
[Voice, Aug 24 2015]


       If they wanted to host actual debates, or any fraction thereof, they could do so without any special procedure.
Voice, Aug 24 2015

       " What...is your favorite color ? "
normzone, Aug 24 2015

       //see a candidate solve a nonlinear equation //   

       That means you're liberal. The conservatives don't care about math because they're either "working-class" (would rather watch Nascar while drunk) or "upper-class" (would rather play golf while the Nascar class runs their businesses).   

       Sadly, engineering or scientific skill is moderately negatively correlated with "electability"
sninctown, Aug 26 2015

       "Are you, or have you ever been a liar?" And tell the truth.   

       Or, "Did you, or have you ever had sex with that woman?"
blissmiss, Aug 27 2015

       Which one, you? Not yet, but I keep hoping...
normzone, Aug 27 2015


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