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Polling booths to look like doorsteps

Make polling booths look like doorsteps to get more accurate opinion
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The veracity of politicians tells us that constituent's concerns expressed "on the doorstep" is at a disparity to how they eventually vote (eg "the people I've been meeting on the doorstep aren't interested in me having kinky bondage sex in a cave..."). It seems that voters change their opinions between doorstep and polling booth, with a cumulatively greater disparity for those living in rural areas with a longer trip to the polling station.

If polling booths could be more 'doorsteppy' this might affirm a vote more accurate to voter's home opinion, say with the use of a door with letterbox, some junk mail and catflap. Alternatively, voting could take place on doorsteps with a doorstep polling booth option for those living in tents or on houseboats.

TheBamforth, May 17 2021


       Perhaps it's the fact that the polling happens on different occasions.
Which might be the solution. Instead of "1 person, 1 vote, on 1 day", we have "1 person, 5 votes, 5 widely separated days". That way, a more accurate measure of how they think can be taken. It could even be weighted as a trend; eg. if each poll shows a person further and further "left", then the "lefter" votes get more weight. If they are pretty constant, all 5 are evenly weighted.
neutrinos_shadow, May 17 2021

       Vote whenever you want ; change your vote whenever you want ; on "election day" they do a tally to see who stays and who gets the boot.
FlyingToaster, May 17 2021

       Nah, that'll work out like the highways in Austria where everyone suddenly brakes like mad in camera zones in order to appear going the posted speed. Nobody would vote until the last minute.
RayfordSteele, May 17 2021

       In the British political tradition, doorsteps play a different and very important role.   

       It is by keeping canvassing candidates and their assistants waiting on doorsteps, preferably in the rain, that citizens remind those candidates of the proper relationship between citizens and politicians.   

       One of my few gripes with the Australian system (which, in general, works very well) is that, because voting is compulsory, this salutary ritual humbling is absent from the process.
pertinax, May 18 2021


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