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Ponytail Fasteners in Holiday Colors

Festive Fashions for your Lovely Locks
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One last idea for these fun little ornaments. (I promise, this is the last one!) Having them with HOLIDAY COLORED BEADS. A set with a red bead on end and a green one on the other for Christmas. Pink and red for Valentine's (one of my fave holidays). Pink and Lilac for Easter. Orange and black for Halloween. Yellow and Orange for Thanksgiving. Blue and red on a white band for Fourth of July. Also, they could also be custom-made and sold in school colors (one could order them in their school colors) or as favors for bridesmaids in the colors of the bridal party
Sparki, Sep 19 2001

Jesus had short hair! http://www.geocitie...5043/Shorthair.html
And God wants us to look nice (go Sparki!) [pottedstu, Sep 19 2001]

Long hair OK http://www.postfun....racts/rtb/hair.html
But did He wear braids or ponytail beads? [pottedstu, Sep 19 2001]


       Baked, all of these. I've seen them at various times.
StarChaser, Sep 21 2001

       Well, slap me sideways! Where can I get some of these thingies? I haven't seen them in holiday colors, StarChaser
Sparki, Sep 21 2001

       Since Sparki's some kind of expert and the rest of you are catching up pretty quick, could someone explain exactly what's the point of ponytails? You grow your hair all long, and then you pull it tight against your head and gather it up at the back into as small a place as possible. Why not cut it all off? I like girls with long hair; I like girls with short hair; I like animals with tails; why confuse it?
pottedstu, Sep 21 2001

       Well, pottedstu, what do you think about girls wearing BRAIDS?
Sparki, Sep 21 2001

       I've seen clear ones with little American flags in them, and pumpkins and turkies and so on...red and green, orange and black, and red, white and blue.   

       Unfortunately, since I don't use them, I don't pay much attention and no longer remember where they were.
StarChaser, Sep 22 2001

       Sparki, since you ask, I accept that braids have an important social role as a bonding ritual amongst schoolgirls, and between parents and children. On the other hand, you could still apply the same criticism as with ponytails, namely to ask why would you want the back of your head to look like a horse's ass (or indeed an ass's ass)?   

       Incidentally, have you considered applying your ponytail band expertise more widely, because I'd really love elastic bands that you could fit over objects (like hair, I guess, as well as posters and boxes) without stretching them so far that they almost break. The way you have to stretch them to three or four times the length they'll be when they're in place is a bad waste of stretchiness and length. In other words, I want variable-length elastics.   

       PS: How is your magic piano?
pottedstu, Sep 22 2001

       Pottedstu, it's not just SCHOOLGIRLS who wear braids. I have seen WOMEN with braids.
Sparki, Sep 22 2001

       Ha-ha, pottedstu. I got it, but the Sparky with the magic piano was S-P-A-R-K-Y. I'm S-P-A-R-K-I
Sparki, Sep 22 2001

       <idle curiosity>how old are you Sparki?</idle curiosity>
thumbwax, Sep 23 2001

       Thumbwax, I was born December 5th, 1967. You do the math!
Sparki, Sep 23 2001

       Tomorrow you will be 12,345 days old. Assuming you were born at 00:01 AM PST as of this writing, you have 74 days 3 hours 43 minutes 57 seconds until your next birthday, which will be on a Wednesday this year - as opposed to the Tuesday of your birth.
thumbwax, Sep 23 2001

       Sparki, I'm not sure if I want to communicate with you now I know you don't have a magic piano. However, as to adult women wearing braids, these can be divided into 2 categories: the first is those with two braided pigtails a la Pippi Longstocking/Anna from HollyOaks. This can look cute, but certainly appears childish.   

       The single braid I accept can be worn by adult women (excluding those with Hello Kitty t-shirts and fluffy rucksacks), but the fact remains that I can detect no difference between the braided ponytail applied to their hair and the braided horse's tail, so my other point stands, insofar as I had another point.   

       I still believe that braided hair was only invented to give schoolgirls something else to do in class other than giggle and draw hearts on their exercise books (and even then they get higher grades than the boys). Also, the time it takes to plait hair could be used to ease hunger in the third world, or brush it and care for it properly so it can be worn flowing freely as nature intended.   

       Despite all this, I feel I must own up that I had a pony tail when I was younger, but only as a mark of my individuality, not to resemble any part of a horse, however sleek and girl-stroked. Now I'm older, I'm not an individual any more, and my hair dries in 1/10 the time.
pottedstu, Sep 23 2001

       pottedstu: Ponytails, braids, etc-- these are used to keep hair out of your eyes and face, to disguise dirty hair, to keep hair off of your neck on hot days, and to diguise bedhead. Short-haired people like myself have these troubles, too... it's just harder to disguise them. Bedhead is particularly hard to disguise, which means that I'd have to actually either start to shower in the mornings or blow-dry my hair at night before bed. Thank God my hair isn't THAT short-- ponytails can still save the day.   

       Oh, and as to the initial idea-- definately baked. They not only exist, most of them look incredibly silly.
Galileo, Sep 23 2001

       Well, I've learnt a lot from this thread. Now I can truly say I understand the female sex that little bit better. I guess they're even lazier than I am. I suppose it was pretty naive and egotistical to think they were trying to look nice.
pottedstu, Sep 24 2001

       Well, when I tie back my hair or put it up in a twist or do a braid (A braid, ONE braid, not BRAIDS like a schoolgirl wears) I feel gorgeous.
Sparki, Sep 25 2001

       By assuming that Sparki is American I can understand the connections between the colours and the holidays except one. Could someone please explain how pink and lilac relate to Easter?
sirrobin, Sep 25 2001

       I wear ponytails but it's just to keep my hair out of the way while I'm working. Long hair is grown so because it is versatile; any number of glamorous, cute, and crazy styles can be created. Braids (or plaits, as we call them around here) are useful for layered hair which would not work quite so well in an ordinary ponytail.

Ponytails are particularly sexy when coupled with a white tennis skirt, skimpy knickers and top. So I'm told. I have had numerous boyfriends (well, three) who would go weak at the knees for bunches (two ponytails).
lewisgirl, Sep 25 2001

thumbwax, Sep 25 2001

       "skimpy knickers"? - lewisgirl lowering the tone of debate again. Not that I mind though.

I calculate Sparki as being 12348 days old but anyway, I think being 12345 days old should merit some kind of celebration.
hippo, Sep 25 2001

       I still think there's definitely some kind of schoolgirl fetish thing about bunches, pigtails, twin braids. Although mothers like all these styles because they can "see your face".   

       The arguments for single ponytail/braid still seem largely utilitarian: sensible for lathing, welding, eating soup, etc. It's good that they make Sparki feel gorgeous, although I'm sure that's due to her inventive accessories, rather than the aesthetic appeal of interlocking hair, but i've never heard a guy go "Nice braid". Does this make them the hairstyle of choice of the independent women?   

       Incidentally, last weekend I saw a girl of around 16 with a pony tail held together by a 6-inch leg-span green fuzzy spider with big spherical feet (possibly in purple). I'd just like to say "baked" before Sparki invents one.
pottedstu, Sep 25 2001

       I meant gym knickers, which, as any female that went to a uniform-obsessed school in the UK will attest, make the wearer feel anything but sexy. Strangely enough, they do still hold a certain je-ne-sais-quoi quality for the opposite sex.
lewisgirl, Sep 25 2001

       Gym knickers: an explanation of their appeal.   

       They're knickers. And they're tight fitting. But unlike regular knickers, they're not worn underneath clothes. That's transgressive and shocking. You can see a girl in her knickers, even if they're big, usually blue, and probably made from some coarse and extremely unsilky fabric.   

       It's also worth noticing the similarity in design between the gym knicker and the hot pant. The latter is considered very sexy, and is usually not navy blue, often nowadays black, and occasionally adorned with glitter, rhinestones or other de trop accessories Sparki probably likes.   

       I hope that clears things up.
pottedstu, Sep 26 2001

       Crikey, mine weren't navy, they were a putrid burgundy colour called 'maroon'. And yes, with the thick white strip down each side, accentuating pubescent lardy-hips, they did make us all look like marooned purple whales.

The reason gym knickers are the less sexy cousin of hot pants is that they are made of purely stretch fabric, whereas hotpants are ever-so-slightly-stretchy tailored shorts. This means that gym knickers will define and indeed accentuate every roll of puppy fat, every non-washboardy tummy... and they have something inexplicable in the design that makes your hips look saggy, coupled with the fact that your waist is probably hidden under a t-shirt. But ohhh, don't get me started on gym vests. Aaaagh.
lewisgirl, Sep 26 2001

       Damn, I can't believe there's *no one* on this whole darn internet who believes Jesus actually did walk across the USA. There's enough stories about Jesus visiting England, Africa, and almost everywhere else in the Eastern Hemisphere, and about early church figures crossing the Atlantic in boats made out of leather and twigs. Maybe he got his scrunchie caught on the Pillars of Hercules?   

       I'm giving you both sides of the "Did Jesus have long hair?" debate so you can see where the lilac comes into it. (Nowhere.)
pottedstu, Sep 27 2001

       The Shroud of Turin indicates Jesus had long hair. Hard to imagine Him wearing a ponytail - let alone on his birthday. Knickers - aren't those the shorts that scream: <!>Camel Toes<!>?
thumbwax, Sep 28 2001

       thumbwax: The shroud of Turin was a fake by some mediaeval long-haired hippy artist type, so obviously he's going to make Our Saviour look like he's in Yes or Jethro Tull or suchlike.
pottedstu, Sep 28 2001

       There're enough relics of Jesus's hair in the world to show that it was indeed at least fourteen feet long.
Lemon, Sep 28 2001

       Yeah, well that was probably because he kept healing himself.
Lemon, Sep 28 2001

       sirrobin, the pink and lilac are to signify flowers, which signify spring, which is the time when plant and animal life are refreshed (as in babies and new flowers) after the long winter, which symbolizes the way Jesus rose from the dead after he had been dead for three days.....   

       A little ambiguous, I think.
Galileo, Oct 28 2001

       your turn for the spiked tea I believe
po, Dec 18 2001

       careful of the flying ballet feet, I am still smarting...
daruma, Dec 18 2001

       even when you look as tasty as you do, girls tend to stick together daruma.
po, Dec 18 2001

       they do? does it have anything to do with viscosity? perhaps a liberal application of alcohol would reduce the adhesive quality of the women involved .
daruma, Dec 18 2001

       quite possibly - yes quite possibly - yes ummm
po, Dec 18 2001

       now theres an interesting proposition for you daruma!
po, Dec 19 2001

po, Dec 19 2001

       If we all clap our hands and wish really hard, maybe Sparki will appear. All together, boys and girls!
pottedstu, Dec 19 2001

       Don't think I haven't been thinking about that image all day . . . (try *that* in TPPPC..) a pair of women, both wearing Ponytail Fasteners. . .
daruma, Dec 19 2001

       bliss, its me : po, black coffee, sweetheart - just drink, whoops sip sweetheart yes its OK get you home now.
po, Dec 23 2001

       yes UB its seasonal affected disorder!
po, Dec 23 2001

       blissmiss is that your period?
daruma, Dec 24 2001

       I'm glad someone else said that...
StarChaser, Dec 24 2001


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