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Poop Mapping Drone

Eliminate tall grass surprises
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Tired of endless searching for canine extrusions in the tall grass? Let a drone do the exploration. Export a map to printer or cellphone and do the deed in half the time.
Steamboat, Apr 27 2021

Dog_20Doo_20MBA [pocmloc, Apr 27 2021]

Sort of relevant... https://www.stuff.c...l-satellite-mission
Detecting cow farts from space (instead of dogshit from earth...) [neutrinos_shadow, Apr 28 2021]


       Ah yes. The sporting search for the elusive poo. I find that sneaking up on them is not an effective strategy. Baiting them doesn't work with any sort of food that I've offered. They don't seem to be interested in breeding or any calls that I've tried, either. However, stumbling around with a set of heels is always productive. I am going to try to trick them by fastening some heels to the bottoms of some old shoes, to see how many I can attract. Will notify with results soon.
RayfordSteele, Apr 28 2021


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