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Popcorn camping pillow

popcorn packaged in flame-resistant pillowcase
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This handy little item would cure all those nagging neckaches that happen when one goes camping and does not have room to pack a pillow. One simply throws the package on top of the campfire, popping the popcorn, and thus inflating your pillow for the night. In the morning, sprinkle some powdered butter and salt in the bag, bam! You've got an instant, tasty breakfast, without the backache.

Disclaimer: Makers of this product are not responsible for late night bear, raccoon, or pothead attacks.

Sparkyplugclean, Oct 16 2009

If you're car camping, you could use this, but re-arming the alarm is expensive PSA_3a_20Popcorn_20Security_20Alarm
[normzone, Oct 16 2009]


       We used to have a bean bag chair and I was always nearly deafened if I tried to sleep with my ear against it. The sound of all those little "beans" moving around was horrible. That bean bag would have nothing on a pillowcase full of popcorn. (-)
MisterQED, Oct 16 2009

       Need to make sure the popcorn is still warm in the morning, nothing is worse than cold popcorn.
kaz, Oct 16 2009

       Charming in theory, not so much in practice? I would like to see the popcorn being popped inside the thing though.
Eugene, Oct 16 2009

       [21], your head would crush it, most of ours would not ;-)   

       [kaz], a true popcorn junkie loves stale popcorn, preferably a couple of days old.   

       [Sparkyplugclean], I was with you right up until "powdered butter".
normzone, Oct 16 2009

       If you carry regular butter along with you on a camping trip you could equally well heat it and drizzle it over the popcorn. I have simply acquired a tolerance for the powdered stuff on some rather extended camping trips. I agree 21, but I rather like dual purpose items, especially when weight counts. Eugene, have you ever microwaved a bag of popcorn? Sorry to burst any bubbles. kaz, the embers of the fire might do to rewarm it, or we could come up with some complicated heat storage system that weighs a few pounds and negates the simple functional beauty of the entire combination. Invention is the mother of necessity, though, and if it is cold outside it is nice to go in to a warm pillow. QED, I personally will not try to lay my head on it while it is popping. (Ok, Ok, I know that is not your point) Come to think of it, I don't have much of a point at all, other than the one on my forehead.
Sparkyplugclean, Oct 16 2009

       Freshly popped popcorn contains a significant amount of water in vapor form, which condenses rapidly. In a short time, the water makes the initial resiliancy pretty soggy.   

       So I'm doubtful if this would work at all well, let alone the olfactory component.   

       I've seen popped popcorn in plastic bags used as packing material in cardboard boxes (in place of the popular plastic "popcorn.") It's not bad when fresh, but is hygroscopic, and becomes soggy rapidly.
csea, Oct 16 2009


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