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Portable Shower

A shower that is portable
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Ever go camping and wish you could take a nice shower in a clean environment without others watching or in a shower from home and don't feel like having an RV? Well when you go tent camping you often can't be as clean as you can while going RV camping, but tent camping in my opinion is more fun and closer to the Outdoors. My idea is to have a propane powered heater, and a solar powered pump mechanism or fuel cell powered system or battery powered or propane engine powered pump and a filter system to take either ground water, lake or river water to use in a shower that folds up like a tent. The shower will have a drain and you would use biodegradable soaps and shampoos to wash with to protect the environment. Or a filter for the drainage could be used as well. The system also could just hook up simply to a hose outlet if you are car-camping or boating as well. The porta shower would be good to put in the trunk of your car for long road trips where you don’t want to stay at a hotel.

It is possible to even use this in a public restroom if you need a shower after work and don't have the money for a hotel room, and no time to go home and you have to get clean before an event. You could hook the shower up to a sink and the drainage up to a sink as well and take a shower in a restroom and have the device fit in a brief-case and go use a bathroom in a restaurant.

You could also have a 15-gallon water tank in your trunk and run hoses through the radiator and use the engine to heat the water. The shower would fold up quite easily unlike some tent designs and would be very useful. Many boaters don't have large boats with showers on board and many boaters love to go camping on islands where i live in the great lakes of the Midwestern United States in Michigan. My boat doesn't have a shower but a small porta-john in it and it would be nice if you could have one of these showers to clean up with when on trips.

When docking at marinas the shower would be very useful because you could use the shore water and electricity to power a heating unit to heat the water and you wouldn't need any water tanks or filters. The shower is also better than most boats because most boats and RV showers are quite cramped. This shower with its tent like construction could be made large, and could come in different sizes to accommodate 2 people for bathing your children in or to bathe with a spouse. Many marinas have showers but I don't find them very sanitary or private. Many married couples may also want to take a shower together and this isn't practical in segregated sex public facilities.

JoeLounsbury, Nov 09 2003

Camping shower http://www.ourcampsite.com/shower.html
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Tent bathroom with water containment http://cartopcamper...t_camp_bathroom.htm
Completely self-contained tent bathroom [whozwat, Jan 07 2009]


       seems pretty baked, friend. Did you google the phrase "portable shower" before you posted this? What actual improvement on the state of the art are you proposing?
WcW, Jan 07 2009

       by in large your, '' Many married couples may also want to take a shower together and this isn't practical in segregated sex public facilities. '' observation is true. Laws allowing same sex marriages are possible tho.   

       after the 15 gal. of engine heated water was spent. If the tank and 'what not hardware hoses ect' was sealed it may build up some hot air pressure. A shower and a blow dry after!...
Sir_Misspeller, Jan 07 2009


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