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Male marking range extender

A device allowing a man to pee farther up the tree
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In nature, the ranking system is very much based on height. The higher you can pee, the bigger and badder you are. Thus, when the coyote, mountain lion, or bear smells your pee all the way up to the top of where it can reach on the tree your foodbags are hanging from, it is clearly told to back the f off. I propose using a system based on the foodbag hanging stick



| (with string from bottom to foodbag) to raise a pulley and tubing, whereby a pump will provide the needed head (huh huh, he said head) to raise a load of pee to the uppermost reaches of the tree, thereby marking said territory as that of a very large and in charge animal. Thus; do not mess with my food, fuzzy forest creatures.

Sparkyplugclean, Oct 25 2009


       hmmmm, maybe. (+) for making me wonder.
I've always found that marking a large circle around a lone campsite worked wonders for keeping animals away but I never once thought about the height of the markings. It makes sense/scents that a higher spray would carry farther on the wind.

       //Pee in a SuperSoaker squirtgun// Excellent idea for all kinds of circumstances. I used to have a handy pocket sized pistol version of those SS pressurised water guns. Shame I got rid of it years ago or I'd be trying this out in about 1/2 an hour...
pocmloc, Oct 25 2009

       Claymore mines.
8th of 7, Oct 25 2009

       I want [8th] & [21Q] to post before & after pics of their campsite.   

       Maybe I can get a job as a psychoveterinarian treating PTSD in moose and buffalo...
lurch, Oct 26 2009

       I want pics when [Spc] realizes he's peed on his food.
FlyingToaster, Oct 26 2009

       Why 'male'? Do wild animals not react to women's urine in the same way?
spidermother, Oct 27 2009

       I'm almost certain that animals can smell the difference between males and females of a species from the smell of their urine, and I would assume that it determines the behaviour of predators.
They can also tell when women are menstruating.


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